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Simple webshop in - C#, html, css and javascript

Assignment in C# for 04/04 2019 09:00 at Yrgo in Sweden Gothenburg. This is a small simple webshop that is rellying on an API written in C# (.net). Focus for this project were on backend but I have also built a simple frontend for this application.

Languages Used:
HTML CSS SQL Javascript C# (.net) Markdown <-

( In this project we use an sqlite database to store information )

Code License: MIT


Used during development


  • List all products
  • Filter products on categories
  • List single product
  • Buy product
  • Customer form
  • Order confirmation page

.NET Rest API - httpVerbs and endpoints

Controller Description HttpVerb Endpoint
Cart Display cartitems + products from your cart Get 'host'/api/cart/'guid'
CartItems Display cartitems from all carts Get 'host'/api/CartItems
CartItems Count cartitems from your cart Get 'host'/api/CartItems/'guid'
CartItems Insert/Add products to your cart Post 'host'/api/CartItems
CartItems Delete products from your cart Delete 'host'/api/CartItems/'product_id'
Customer Display all customers Get 'host'/api/Customer
Customer Display single customer Get 'host'/api/Customer/'guid'
Customer Insert more customers Post 'host'/api/Customer
Order Display your complete order Get 'host'/api/order/'guid'
OrderItems Display products and total price for each PN Get 'host'/api/orderitems/'guid'
OrderValue Display total value of your order Get 'host'/api/ordervalue/'guid'
Orders Display all placed orders Get 'host'/api/orders
Orders Display single order Get 'host'/api/orders/'guid'
Orders Place new orders Post 'host'/api/orders
Products Display all products Get 'host'/api/products
Products Filter products Get 'host'/api/products/'id/pn/category'
Values This endpoint is not used ? 'host'/api/values
guid Generate a random guid Get 'host'/api/myGuid

Example JSON to use for post

{cart_guid: "0f8c2f2e-6909-4ee6-b28c-3ed826f39c91", product_id: "2", product_guid: "0f8c2f2e", quantity: "1"}

{"id": 23, "fname": "Fredrik", "lname": "Leemann", "adress": "Example", "zip": "Example", "city": "Gothenburg", "cart_guid": "0f8c2f2e-6909-4ee6-b28c-3ed826f39c91", "email": ""}

{"cart_guid": "0f8c2f2e-6909-4ee6-b28c-3ed826f39c91"}

YRGO - Assignment 2019 ( C# ) - 2019-04-04 09:00 URL

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