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Tim Corey's Weekly challenges to help keep your C# knowledge sharp.
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WCH-01 Completed Foreach Challenge Jan 31, 2020
WCH-02 TextFileChallenge Complete Feb 2, 2020
WCH-03 Error Handling Challenge Complete Feb 12, 2020
WCH-04 Refactoring Challenge Complete Feb 17, 2020
WCH-05 Config File Challenge Complete Feb 18, 2020
WCH-06 DateTime Challenge Complete Feb 19, 2020
WCH-07 Pill Reminder Challenge Complete Feb 25, 2020
WCH-08 Web Deployment Setup Feb 25, 2020
.gitignore Add .gitnore Jan 31, 2020
LICENSE Initial commit Jan 31, 2020 Pill Reminder Challenge Setup Feb 19, 2020

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