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#Welcome to the WesternMusicElements wiki!

#WesternMusicElements is a set of Objective-C classes that helps manipulating Western Musical Scales and Chords.

Quick Start:

Copy all the files in the WMLib folder to your project and #import "WMPool.h" where needed.

The WMPool is a singleton instance that provides the most commonly used Western Chords and Scales.
You can add your own scales and chords using the Ruby facilities provided. (see the wiki for details )

You can ask for notes:
gSharp5 = [[WMPool pool]noteWithRoot:@"g" accidental:@"#" octave:5];
c1 = [[WMPool pool]noteWithRoot:@"g" accidental:nil octave:1];

or more simply:
[[WMPool pool]noteWithShortName:@"c1"]

You can also ask for "Note Collections", that is , scales and chords, even inverted:

fSharp2Mixolydian = [[WMPool pool] scaleWithRoot:@"f" accidental:@"#" octave:2 scaleMode:WMScaleModeMixolydian];

C3MajorChordInv2 = [[WMPool pool] chordWithRootShortName:@"C3" chordType:WMChordTypeMajor inversion:WMChordInversionSecond];

The easiest calls are the one using "root note short names" like:
[[WMPool pool] chordWithRootShortName:@"C3" chordType:WMChordTypeMajor inversion:WMChordInversionRootPosition];

(Check the WMPool.hfor what's in store)

##Note Short Name
Root short names are formed of:

  1. The note name
  2. The accidental
  3. The octave

The note name is written in "Letter Notation" and is not case sensitive.

The accidental, if any, is a "Sharp" noted "#". "Flat" is not supported. No accidental == natural.

Octaves are in the range of -1 to 9

Example of valid Note short names: E-1 F#-1 C#8 G5

##Note Range

WMPool will provide notes in the range of:

  • Notes: C-1 to G9
  • Hertz: 8.176 to 12543.85
  • Midi Note Number: 0 to 127

Of course, each WMNote embed that information, as well as the cpspch value used by programs like CSound.


Check the WMPool.h and WMData.h for more details

#Western Musical Elements Test app screenshot:

![screenshot] (https://github.com/fredericcormier/WesternMusicElements/blob/master/Media/app_test_screenshot.png?raw=true)