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[![CI Status]( Jacques/TNInfoBubble.svg?style=flat)]( Jacques/TNInfoBubble) Version License Platform

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TNInfoBubble is a component written in Swift to create a Prisma-like info bubble. The looks of the info bubble can be changed. It works with Storyboards & code.


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


TNInfoBubble is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "TNInfoBubble"

How to use


  1. Drag a UIView on your scene
  2. Go to the Identity Inspector and change the class to TNInfoBubbleView
  3. Add constraints to position the bubble
  4. Create an IBOutlet so you can reference the bubble in your code.
  5. Call one of the show() methods


  1. Create an instance of TNInfoBubbleView
  2. Add the view to your view hierarchy & add constraints
  3. Call one of the show methods


Out of the box this component uses the same style as the info bubble in the Prisma app (black background, white text color & 3px of corner radius).
It is possible to change these settings.

  1. Create an instance of the TNInfoBubbleConfiguration struct
  2. Change the properties you want
  3. Pass the struct instance to the config property of the TNInfoBubbleView instance
var config = TNInfoBubbleConfiguration()
config.autoRemoveFromSuperView = true
self.bubble.config = config
Property Explanation
backgroundColor The background color of the view. Default: black
cornerRadius The corner radius of the view. Default: 3px
labelFont The font of the info label. Default: System font 14pt
labelTextColor The text color of the info label. Default: white
labelTextAlignment The text alignment of the info label. Default: centered
labelLineBreakMode The wrapping mode of the info label. Default: word
labelNumberOfLines The number of lines that the info label can show. Default: 0
autoHide Autohide the info bubble. Default: true
numberOfSecondsToAutoHide The number of seconds before the info bubbles hides itself. Default: 3
autoRemoveFromSuperView Remove the view from the superviews view hierarchy. Default: false


If you want to be updated when the bubble is shown or hidden, you can set your own object as the delegate by conforming to the TNInfoBubbleViewDelegate protocol.

self.infoBubble.delegate = self

// MARK: TNInfoBubbleViewDelegate methods
func didShowInfoBubble( infoBubble:TNInfoBubbleView ) {

	print("Did show info bubble")


func didHideInfoBubble( infoBubble:TNInfoBubbleView ) {

	print("Did hide info bubble")


Completion block

If you dont want to use delegates, you can also use the completionHandler property and set your own callback.

self.infoBubble.completionHandler = {


Frederik Jacques,


TNInfoBubble is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.