The full codebase of Feisty Meow® Concerns Ltd. Offers a ton of useful bash scripts and implements several C++ libraries and many C++ applications. This is the Github mirror; visit our main site at:
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Quick Start Guide for the Feisty Meow Codebase

Commands that can be typed in a console or terminal are are prefixed with "$".
(Do not include the dollar sign when copying and pasting commands.)
Information that varies by platform is prefixed with a '|' character.

This documentation assumes that the code is stored in the default location:
If you have stored it elsewhere, then please adapt the commands accordingly.


How to get the feisty meow codebase

| On Microsoft Windows, install the Cygwin tools as documented here:
| /opt/ (local file) or
| (web)

Retrieve a clone of the feisty meow codebase:
$ git clone git://


How to load the feisty meow script environment

Set up the feisty_meow scripts; this is only needed once, when you first get
the codebase.
$ bash /opt/

Connect the feisty meow scripts to your login script (in ~/.bashrc).
Note that this actually modifies ~/.bashrc.  This step is only needed once.
$ bash /opt/

| For the root user, you can pass a flag '--root' to the connect_feisty_meow
| script.  This will add an alias for 'feistyme' which loads the feisty meow
| scripts on demand (instead of automatically upon login).

Load the script environment into the current shell.  This can be done for
any new shell.  This is idempotent, so it does no harm to run it again.
Note that you should not need this step if you connected feisty meow to
~/.bashrc above.
$ source /opt/

When the feisty meow script environment loaded, many new aliases and
functions are available for use.  These come from the $FEISTY_MEOW_SCRIPTS
There is a list of feisty meow script commands available at:


How to install the feisty meow script dependencies

A couple of perl modules are required by some of the scripts (including the
differ utility and the feisty meow customization system).  They can be
installed with either apt or CPAN.

Install using apt (on Ubuntu or Debian-based OS):
$ sudo apt install libfile-which-perl libtext-diff-perl

or Install using perl's CPAN:
$ sudo cpan install Text::Diff File::Which

or on Cygwin (MS-Windows), install with apt-cyg:
$ apt-cyg install perl-File-Which perl-Text-Diff


How to update the feisty meow codebase to the latest online version

This assumes that a somewhat current version of feisty meow is already
installed and the scripts are loaded (see above section for how to load).

The command below retrieves the latest version of feisty meow codebase
from the online repository and regenerates the scripts.

$ rpuffer $FEISTY_MEOW_APEX ; regenerate


How to install the build dependencies for feisty meow

These dependencies are used for building the applications, tools and tests
in the "nucleus", "octopi", "graphiq" and other C++ collections.

| Ubuntu / Debian:
| $ sudo apt install build-essential librtmp-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libssl-dev

| Centos / Redhat / Fedora:
| $ sudo yum install gcc gcc-c++ openssl-devel.x86_64 curl-devel

The "kona" collection depends on Java version 8 or better.

| Ubuntu:
| Set up the java PPA archive as described here:


How to build the feisty meow codebase

Run the following command to build the feisty meow libraries and applications.
$ produce_feisty_meow

After the build is complete, the feisty meow applications can be found in
the folder pointed at by the $FEISTY_MEOW_BINARIES environment variable.


How to clean up the files generated by the build

This command cleans out all the generated files:
$ whack_build clean


What are the feisty meow dependencies?

The feisty meow scripts depend on these scripting languages and tools:
  perl (including Text::Diff and File::Which)

The feisty meow libraries and applications depend on these tools:
  Gnu C++
  RTMP streams (?still?  not sure.)
  Open SSL

The feisty meow "kona" library depends on these languages:


Bug reporting

Report bugs at the feisty meow trac site:
Email for authorization to write up new bug reports.

There is also a github mirror of feisty meow at:
The github repository will accept bug reports without an authorization process.


More information is available at the official site: