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Messages Corpus Scripts

The original version of the Messages Corpus involved running a bash script and then an R script (see "R" folder). I have since ported everything to a single Python script. The bash and R script shouldn't be used, but they are included here for historical reasons.


  • Requirements: Python 3 and packages listed in requirements.txt
  • Edit the constants at the top of the Python file to match your information (name, email used with iMessage, etc)
  • Import the Python script and use the copy_files, parse_files, or copy_and_parse_files functions to parse iMessage logs into Python objects of messages.

Usage / Examples

import messages_corpus as mc
messages = mc.copy_and_parse_files(years=['2017'], ['2018'])

messages['Dan'][0:5]  # The first 5 messages between you and Dan

len(messages)  # Number of distinct people you've conversed with

sum([len(v) for v in messages.values()])  # Total number of messages you've sent

See or email for more information.

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