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Messages Corpus Scripts

messagescorpus reads and parses Messages logs on macOS to create a searchable dataset of your Messages history.

The original version of the Messages Corpus involved running a bash script and then an R script (see "R" folder). I have since ported everything to a single Python script. The bash and R script shouldn't be used, but they are included here for historical preservation.


  • Requirements: Python 3.6 and packages listed in requirements.txt
  • Edit the constants at the top of the Python file to match your information (name, email used with iMessage, etc)
  • Import the Python script and use the copy_files, parse_files, or copy_and_parse_files functions to parse Messages logs into Python objects of messages.
  • (Optional) to combine contacts together, create a name_groups.json in the base repo directory and populate it according to the details in get_name_groups()

Usage / Examples

import messages_corpus as mc

# Parse all messages from 2017 and 2018
messages = mc.copy_and_parse_files(years=['2017', '2018'])

# The first 5 messages between you and Dan

# Number of distinct people you've conversed with

# Total number of messages you've sent
sum([len(v) for v in messages.values()])

# Search the logs for a particular phrase
search_corpus(messages['Dan'], 'world series', context=5)

# Optionally supply a name filter to speed up parsing.
# Be sure to populate name_groups.json as contacts sometimes have varying names in the logs.
messages = copy_and_parse_files(years=['2020'], other_name_filter='Dan')

# `messages` will still have all of your contacts as keys.
# But, the message lists for any contacts not matching the name you supplied will be empty.


  • Multiway chats are not supported.
  • The script can only read what is stored locally on your Mac, so if you sent messages that were only downloaded by another device, or are only stored in iCloud, this script will not find them.

See for info about the R script, or email with any questions.


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