three week intro to git: git workflow in desktop app, GitHub, command line git
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Introduction to git and GitHub


This two-week course (with optional third week session) is designed to introduce attendees to git version control software and GitHub as a repository for code and/or data. Each two hour session will include brief tutorials interspersed with challenge exercises. The first two sessions assume no prior programming knowledge. At the end of these two sessions, you will be able to use git to track changes to software and other files, and use GitHub to work collaboratively to publish repositories of code and/or data. The optional third session assumes attendees have a basic familiarity with using the command line to navigate through directories and work with files and will include an overview of the command line interface to access the full functionality of the git software.


  • Week 1: introduction to version control, git workflow with desktop clients (tracking changes, branching, merging, ignoring things)
  • Week 2: Collaboration and code sharing with GitHub, resolving conflicts
  • Week 3 (optional): git workflow on the command line