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A frontend for a Google Play Music Pi Jukebox. Play-pi will provide a web-frontend that can be used to browse and play your Google Music library.



  • Not covered in this guide: Setting up ssh/wireless/sound card. These topics are covered in this lifehacker guide.
  • Assuming you've got the Pi set up as you want, you'll need to install the required tools: sudo apt-get install mpd mpc python-pip screen python-dev
  • Test that mpc is working by entering the command sudo mpc. You should see output like volume: 80% repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off There are futher instructions for setting up/testing mpc if you want them.
  • Now clone this repository: git clone git:// cd play-pi
  • First, you'll need to update pip's setuptools: sudo pip install -U setuptools
  • Next you'll need to use it to install the required python packages: sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create a file called in the same folder as Add the following lines: GPLAY_USER=""
    DEVICE_ID="your-device-id" To get your device ID, dial *#*#8255#*#* on your Android phone, or have a look on the App Store - there are many apps that will display it for you. iOS users can use their device's uuid prepended by ios:. It's highly recommended you use an application specific password for this.
  • Now set up the Django app with the following commands. This will create the database: ./ migrate
  • Now sync your Google Music library. This can take a very long time, just let it run: ./ init_gplay
  • You're now ready to roll! Start up a screen by typing screen. Running the server in the screen means that it will keep running after ssh is disconnected. You need to use sudo for this command if you want to use port 80 (recommended). sudo ./ runserver
  • You should now be able to access play-pi from your web browser, point it at the IP of your Pi. You can go to http://192.168.pi.ip/admin and log in with your credentials to access the admin.
  • Setting up a better web server is left as an excercise for the enthusiast. I can personally recommend gunicorn.

Migrating from previous version (Django 1.5)

  • run ./ migrate --fake-initial - this will mark initial migrations as applied nad apply any additional migrations


A Google Play Music frontend for the Raspberry Pi



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