Optimal Hangman-playing Python Script
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#pyngman ###An optimal hangman-guessing python script, by Tom Medley


  1. Get a Dictionary
  2. Run python pyngman.py -init path-to-dict.zip
  3. Run python pyngman.py -state ..e..y estry, where ..e..y is the state of the game, and estry are the letters you've already used. pyngman will tell you what your optimal next move is.


pyngman is designed to work with a .zip dictionary file, such as the ones available for Open Office. I have tested the script with their en-GB dictionary.

The script will parse the dictionary into a complete list of words, removing words deemed 'invalid' for hangman, such as those containing apostrophes or dashes.

##Do More

Included is a simple tool for playing Hangman games - hangman.py. hangman.py requires pyngman to have been initialized before it works. It can be used with test.py to run a test against the dictionary to see what pyngman's odds are of winning. In my testing this has been pretty good, ~500 losses per 80k words, or a failure rate of 0.000625%.


pyngman was created by Tom Medley, and is released under the GNU GPL v3.0. It comes with no warranty.