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For the development of McErlang source code, documentation and
examples we are using GitHub. To get your own local copy of the
repository type the following command in a terminal window:

$ git clone git://

This command will create a local copy of all the McErlang code and
examples. To compile McErlang it normally suffices to execute ``make''
in the main McErlang directory. In the following we assume that
McErlang is installed in the directory "~/McErlang", and that you are
using a UNIX based system:

$ cd ~/McErlang; ./configure; make

The following examples assume that you have put the directory
"McErlang/scripts" in the ``command path'' of your shell. Consult the
manual for your command shell if you are not sure how to do this. As
an example, if you are running a bash shell, the following piece of
text can be added to the file ".profile":

# set PATH so it includes the directory with McErlang scripts
if [ -d ~/McErlang/scripts ] ; then


Alternative Installation:


As an alternative to including the path to the McErlang scripts in the PATH variable
one can install McErlang as a normal Erlang library. This method will likely work much
better for Windows installations of McErlang as well. In addition we make pre-compiled
McErlang distributions available (for e.g. Windows) in the web page


1. Compile McErlang as above, and then
   make release

2. Install McErlang as a library:
   cd release/McErlang_version*; erl
   1> mcerlang_install:install().

For the last step to work, it may be necessary to start Erlang (erl) with super-user rights (under Unix)
or administrator rights (Windows).

More information regarding how to install McErlang as a library, including from a pre-compiled McErlang distribution,
can be found in the file bininst/INSTALLATION.
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