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McErlang is a model checker for programs written in the Erlang
programming language. The idea is to replace the part of the standard
Erlang runtime system that concerns distribution, concurrency and
communication with a new runtime system which simulates processes
inside the model checker, and which offers easy access to the program
The model checker has been written by Lars-Åke Fredlund
and Clara Benac Earle (Facultad de Informática,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) with contributions
by Hans Svensson (IT University, Gothenburg, Sweden).
For more information please consult the documentation in:
- the McErlang project wiki (
- the doc directory (tutorial and user manual)
Additional documentation can be generated from the source code
by running the command "make docs", which will generate the HTML
file "doc/edoc/index.html".
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