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+McErlang is a model checker for programs written in the Erlang
+programming language. The idea is to replace the part of the standard
+Erlang runtime system that concerns distribution, concurrency and
+communication with a new runtime system which simulates processes
+inside the model checker, and which offers easy access to the program
+The model checker has been written by Lars-Åke Fredlund
+and Clara Benac Earle (Facultad de Informática,
+Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) with contributions
+by Hans Svensson (IT University, Gothenburg, Sweden).
+For more information please consult the documentation in:
+- the McErlang project wiki (
+- the doc directory (tutorial and user manual)
+Additional documentation can be generated from the source code
+by running the command "make docs", which will generate the HTML
+file "doc/edoc/index.html".

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