Process Algebra Ve'rifier
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   .+------+                                         +------+.
 .' |    .'|   (P)ROCESS                             |`.    | `.
+---+--+'  |             (A)LGEBRA                   |  `+--+---+
|   |  |   |                        (VE')RIFIER      |   |  |   |
|  ,+--+---+                                         +---+--+   |
|.'    | .'   (C) 2009-2013 F.Peschanski              `. |   `. |
+------+'                                               `+------+
              released under the GPL (cf. LICENSE)

This is a simple tool to describe models of concurrent systems and analyze their behavioral properties. Pave' is mostly a pedagogical tool to support the teaching of concurrency theory, the calculus of communicating systems (CCS) and the undelying algorithmic aspects.

It is a playground for the students so that they can see the analysis algorithms in action, and new features are added each year.

The main current features implemented are the following ones:

  • relatively rudimentary parser for CCS definitions and expressions
  • efficient process normalization and structural congruence checking
  • naive strong bisimulation checking
  • generation of labelled transition systems from CCS terms (export to graphviz dot)
  • partition refinement algorithm for process minimization and faster strong bisimulation checking
  • support for CCS-by-value extensions
  • weak semantics (weak LTS, weak bisimulation checking).

The tool is developed in OCaml (and I really miss a good debugger !)