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Generates flat (non-object-oriented) ooc bindings for C libraries.


Currently, the best way to try babbisch-ooc is a virtualenv. You'll be able to update your babbisch repositories very easily.

You need:

First, install virtualenv:

easy_install virtualenv

Then, create a virtualenv and activate it:

virtualenv dev
. dev/bin/activate

Inside this virtualenv, install the remaining Python dependencies:

Via this line:

easy_install pyyaml pygccxml

Now, it's time to clone the git repositories and to install the software to our virtualenv:

git clone git://
cd babbisch-gccxml
python develop
cd ../

git clone git://
cd babbisch-ooc
python develop

The reason we're using develop instead of install is: When you want to update babbisch-gccxml or babbisch-ooc, you can just do a git pull in the repository with no need to run python develop again.


First, you need to generate a json interface from your C libraries via the babbisch-gccxml tool. There is no ooc involved here, the generated json files just describe the functions and types defined by your C library:

babbisch-gccxml your-file.h -o your-file.json

You can also pass include paths to babbisch:

babbisch-gccxml -I /usr/include/blah -I this/ your-file.h -o your-file.json

Now, to generate a ooc bindings file from that, you need to create an interface file for the babbisch-ooc tool. It's in the yaml format, so let's call it your-file.yaml:

    - your-file.json

You see, currently it only contains a list of json files. However, in the future it will contain information on how to create the interface specifically.

Now, just run babbisch-ooc:

babbisch-ooc your-file.yaml > your-file.ooc

And you might be able to use your-file.ooc without any manual work now.


Be sure not to call the ooc file like the main C header file. It will cause include name clashes and much much fun.


If you have any question, just join #ooc-lang on and hit fredreichbier with a crowbar.