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base fork: fredreichbier/sonofaj
base: d2f260c9d9
head fork: fredreichbier/sonofaj
compare: af424f1233
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Commits on May 19, 2011
@shamanas shamanas Works pretty well :) Still need to fix a bug where all files are not …
…read correctly
@shamanas shamanas Fixed bugs, added enums (dunno if they work correctly :O) d4155c9
@shamanas shamanas Added varargs, fixed Func's 01a4441
@shamanas shamanas Partial generics support 56e4c4e
@shamanas shamanas Generates everything successfully. Added name resolving from imported…
… modules two levels deep, other fixes
@shamanas shamanas Fixed an issue where 3 letters from the front and 2 letters from the …
…back of some docs were stripped :)
@shamanas shamanas Fixed enum indentation 8d184c7
@shamanas shamanas Made python script better :D a3e5e40
Commits on May 20, 2011
@shamanas shamanas Started the HTML backend 6f000f8
@shamanas shamanas Fixed some bugs with functions, starting classes 4d422e7
@shamanas shamanas Classes done, fixed some bugs 242ebe0
@shamanas shamanas Fixed extended class bug 977b6f9
@shamanas shamanas __quest -> ? 66a4004
@shamanas shamanas Fixed formating d4f6b03
@shamanas shamanas Added Func types support. Also fixed a generics bug of a hack by usin…
…g an other hack :D
@shamanas shamanas HTML func types partial support 5e3e456
@shamanas shamanas Full (hopefully) html backend support of func types f7c9954
@shamanas shamanas Added cover support for html backend, added privatemethod class for _…
…_load__ and __defaults__ (always html backend)
@shamanas shamanas Added stylesheet import 9743076
@shamanas shamanas Added enum support for html backend 690ec28
@shamanas shamanas Add variables/fields to html backend 032c7c3
@shamanas shamanas Better code is better. fd0858c
@shamanas shamanas Minor changes 548d465
@shamanas shamanas Added tuples 5d096a2
Commits on May 23, 2011
Alexandros Naskos Added pointers of pointers of pointers... to html backend 16a0b35
Alexandros Naskos Html fixes (partial generic classes fix, no return type function fix bd3ff0a
Alexandros Naskos Finished html generics 4533b6d
Alexandros Naskos Finished html generics 11d2814
@shamanas shamanas Fixes cfd86c5
@shamanas shamanas Yay! Functions that return functions with return types etc. ba99e53
@shamanas shamanas Better function handling. Really better :) 021b868
@shamanas shamanas Useless allocation is useless. f7b3097
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
@shamanas shamanas Small updates :) af424f1
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