Recursive generics using FLINT
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BLAND provides recursive generic rings in C on top of FLINT (

Starting from various FLINT ground types, it allows constructing complex numbers, fractions, residues, polynomials, and matrices. In particular, it allows working with multivariate polynomials constructed in a recursive fashion.

Some (outdated) documentation can currently be found at

"BLAND" can be read as a recursive backronym for "BLAND is a Library for Algebra over Nested Domains" (the word "bland" was chosen because it is likely to describe something that is "generic").

To install it in FLINT, clone the repository into a directory on your filesystem, e.g. /home/username/bland

Now build FLINT in the usual way, passing --extensions=/home/username/bland to FLINT's configure.

Bug reports, feature requests and other comments are welcome on the FLINT mailing list:

Author: Fredrik Johansson