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Combined DNS and DHCP host management tool used at Stockholm university
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generate-dhcp-subnet-declaration remove unused subroutine, left from script copying^Wcreation May 8, 2003
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housekeep-dnszone check host aliases too May 13, 2004
list-hostwithattr perl warning fixes Sep 13, 2003
list-subnet implement -r for raw output Sep 4, 2003
list-zones handle invalid domainnames (undef returned by findzonebyname) Apr 20, 2005
modify-host try to remind people to set manual_dnszone to 'Y' when creating glue … Nov 18, 2009
modify-hostalias don't allow aliases to have the name of a zone Feb 23, 2006
modify-subnet move is_valid_color to hostdb Jan 23, 2003
modify-zone enable perl -w (without checking for warnings, will do that later). Jan 13, 2003
modifyhost.cgi probably fix corner case bug in RT #69075 Sep 1, 2006
modifysubnet.cgi popular typo May 14, 2004
modifyzone.cgi use StdCGI May 14, 2004
request-reload Allow passing source, requestor and requestor-host as options. Apr 7, 2010
set-hostattr make code be structured like in bulk-hostattr Sep 13, 2003
showsubnet.cgi RT#181803: add fifth column with comment (max 20 chars) Nov 19, 2009 init Mar 26, 2002
update-mac-timestamps RT#182767: Handle the case where more than one host object have the s… Nov 27, 2009
whois.cgi add missing interpolation vars Dec 1, 2009
zonediff invoke cvs diff with -R Jan 31, 2003


HOSTDB is the host management system currently in use at Stockholm university.

With HOSTDB, you can maintain information about your hosts and have ISC DHCP
and ISC BIND zonefiles generated for you.
There are both web interfaces and command line interfaces to the database -
both of which use the HOSTDB perl API.

HOSTDB provides delegation of rights to manage certain zones or subnets to
other parts of your organization (web interface only). Access control can be
accomplished with lists of usernames (REMOTE_USER) and/or LDAP groups in the
configuration file.

HOSTDB is *very* mature. We have been using it since 2002 (and it is now 2010).

HOSTDB is NOT aiming at being feature rich - instead HOSTDB concentrates on
doing what it does very well and letting you do the rest by hand (or by other

For DNS, this means that HOSTDB can manage A, CNAME and PTR (AAAA is a strong
wish list item). It cannot handle NS, MX or other DNS RRs.

Set it up like this, to be able to maintain less common DNS RRs in the zone
file directly, while still getting the bulk of your data from HOSTDB :

Zone file that BIND reads (e.g. /var/named/master/ :

  ; $Id:,v 1.126 2009-08-19 13:06:45 nn Exp $

  $INCLUDE /var/named/zonedata/

  $ORIGIN                   IN      NS                   IN      NS                   IN      NS                   IN      MX      10

Now generate the /var/named/zonedata/ file with data from the
HOSTDB database using the command 'generate-zonefiles'. Note that HOSTDB
will generate a SOA record for you, and automatically manage the SOA serial.

DHCP can be set up in a similar fashion.
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