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Network Enterprise Resource Discovery System
This is a collaborative effort between initially NORDUnet and Stockholm University to collect reusable data about "stuff" on our networks.
The basic idea is to have producers that discover things about your "stuff" and store it in a loosly specified format (currently JSON based).
After that, you can build consumers of that data that do something valuable to you, for example generate monitoring system configuration for all services you discovered when scanning your server networks.
The defined interface of a producer is simple : an executable file named "".
Producers MUST accept '--help' and '-h' to produce usage information.
Producers MUST accept '-O /path/to/output/repo'.
Producers MUST NOT write anywhere in the repo besides in
Producers SHOULD put JSON output in
All producers must produce JSON-data on the following form:
"host": {
"name": "hostname-or-other-unique-identifier",
"version": 1,
"name-of-producer": { ... any private data ... }