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A Minecraft Forge mod about Floo Powder.
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Floocraft is a Minecraft Forge mod which adds content themed around Floo Powder, from the Harry Potter franchise:

  • Players build fireplaces to teleport to and from, which are connected to the Floo Network using Floo Signs.
  • Floo Powder, when thrown into fire, turns it green and allows the user to walk in and teleport, or peek into the fire and see what's on the other side.
  • Floo Torches are torches which emit green light and cause random short-range teleportation on contact.
  • Floower Pots automatically transform nearby fires if they contain Floo Powder.

Information for Players and Pack Developers

Floocraft is compatible with the Mirage coloured lighting mod. It has no world generation.

Helpful Links

For the Minecraft Forum page click here.

To download a .jar file click here.


Please report any issues on the Issues page.

Information for mod developers

Compatibility with your mod

For your mod to work with Floocraft, add it as a dependency following the instructions here.

If you want the dependency to be optional, you can check if Floocraft was loaded with Loader.isModLoaded("floocraftft").

You can find the latest Floocraft files here.

Pull Requests

Any pull requests are very welcome. There are currently no standards for pull requests but clean code which follows the existing patterns is appreciated. If you are making a new feature, message me first to see if I will accept it!

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