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Here is what you will need:
- A backup of your existing setup and the knowledge how to restore the device later on
- Time and, if you are willing to help: Knowledge in all kinds of areas of Android
- adb & fastboot executables for your platform (on PC)
Comes with the Android Platform SDK
- FAT formated Micro-SD card (Phone)
You know - the bigger the better ;-)
- DLOAD files for the Cambodia ICS Demo (on SD)
- the CM9 update: (on SD)
MD5: 78fb3cf14829b378d5ca7f9b3811a532
SHA256: fdc1a0ddc86ac450de54f1af422d0371947bee4f1f446a9612a3014daac8eb80
- the ClockworkMod Recovery image: recovery.img (on PC)
- Optional: Updater to replace the RIL files: (on SD)
- Optional: (on SD) or just
Here is what to do:
- Connect the phone to your PC (USB)
- Extract the Huawei ROM to the /dload folder on the SD card
The download came with a detailed description
For command line heros:
# adb shell
# adb shell mkdir /mnt/sdcard/dload
# adb push UPDATE.APP /mnt/sdcard/dload/
# adb push /mnt/sdcard/dload/
- Hold Volume+ & Volume- buttons on the phone and while holding them continue with the next step
- Run "adb reboot"
- Once the firmware update has started, feel free to release the buttons ;-)
- The phone will automatically reboot after the update
- Enable logcat devices (/dev/log/*)
+ Fast forward through the setup wizard
+ Open the phone app
+ Dial *#*#2846579#*#*
+ Select "ProjectMenu"
+ Select "1. Background setting"
+ Select "2. Log setting"
+ Select "Log switch"
+ Select "LOG on"
+ Confirm
+ Select "Log level setting"
+ Select "VERBOSE"
+ Select "Confirm"
+ Back
+ Select "7. Dump & Log"
+ Select everything
+ Back
- Disable /dload on SD (rename folder while SD is in the phone):
# adb shell mv /mnt/sdcard/dload /mnt/sdcard/ics-demo.dload
- Boot to pink screen mode & replace recovery
+ Hold Volume+ & Volume- buttons
+ Run "adb reboot"
- Wait for a couple of USB drives to show up on your PC
- Replace /image/recovery.img
- Eject mounted USB volumes, just to play it safe
- Disconnect the USB cable
- Remove the battery to leave the pink screen mode
- Insert the battery again
- Reconnect your USB cable & wait for the charging screen to show
- Run "adb reboot recovery"
- Select "wipe data/factory reset"
- Select "install zip from sdcard"
- Select "choose zip from sdcard"
- Select "" & install it
- Optional (Google Apps):
Select "choose zip from sdcard"
Select "" & install it
- Optional (Huawei RIL files that allow you to use GSM voice):
Select "choose zip from sdcard"
Select "" & install it
- Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
- Select "reboot system now"
- Wait for CM9 to boot
- Done
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