Compiling from source Linux

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First, please follow the steps that can be found in the CyanogenMod Wiki to Prepare the build environment.

Next you will have to clone the device definition for the Huawei Honor:

mkdir ~/android/system/device/huawei

git clone ~/android/system/device/huawei/u8860

cd ~/android/system/device/huawei/u8860

git checkout ics-testing

The Honor needs a special RIL class, so you will have to pull the branch from here:

cd ~/android/system/framework/base

git remote add fredvj

git pull fredvj ics-testing

git checkout ics-testing

Download prebuilts CyanogenMod depends on:


Extract vendor blobs that we need for our ROM:


Finally you can run the build:

cd ~/android/system

. build/

lunch cm_u8860-eng

mka bacon

Once the build has finished (depending on your machine, this can take several hours), you will find the recovery image along with the ROM in: