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uos : United OpenLib of Sound.

uos unifies the best open-source audio libraries.

For fpc, fpGUI, MSEgui and LCL.

With uos you can:

. Listen to mp3, ogg, wav, flac, m4a, opus, cda ... audio files.

. Deal with 16, 32 integer or float 32 bit resolution.

. Do internet audio streaming of mp3 and opus files.

. Record all types of input into wav or ogg file with 16 or 32 bit resolution.

. Add DSP effects and filters, however many you want and record it.

. Listen to multiple input and output.

. Produce sound from built-in synthesizer.

uos can use: PortAudio, SndFile, Mpg123, Faad, Mp4ff, Opus, OpusFile audio libraries and SoundTouch, Bs2b audio-effect libraries.

Included in the package:

. Examples fpGUI, MSEgui, LCL and console.

. Binaries of libraries included for Linux, arm-aarch64 Rapsberry Pi, Windows, Mac OSX, FreeBSD.

See you at uos forum:

Fred van Stappen