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Resets (and if available, seeds) your databases.
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Compared to db:reset:

db:reset resets your database from schema.rb - during early stage of development, the migration files are often edited directly to keep the sanity.

Compared to db:migrate:reset:

AppReset always calls db:create to ensure databases exist, and then calls db:migrate:reset. It also ensures seeds.rb will get called if you are in a rails engine environment.

AppReset basically replaces the following steps:

  • db:create
  • db:migrate:reset
  • RAILS_ENV=test db:migrate:reset
  • run seeds.rb from your rails engine


It is recommended you only include app_reset in your development environment:

gem 'app_reset', :group => :development

If you are using it in a rails engine, don't forget to require it:

require 'app_reset' if Rails.env.development?


Resets (and if available, seeds) your development and test databases via:

rake app:reset


This gem is released under the MIT License.


Fred Wu

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