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My dotfiles
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ssh Updated ssh config
zsh Enabled zsh history substring search
.gitignore Fixed broken install script Updated README
ackrc Initial commit
gemrc Added the new --no-document option for rubygem
gitconfig Added .gitignore_global
gitignore_global Added .gitignore_global
install Updated the install script to handle dependencies better
railsrc Updated railsrc
screenshot.png oh-my-zsh -> prezto
vimrc.after Added Janus
zlogin oh-my-zsh -> prezto
zpreztorc Enabled dot-expansion
zprofile oh-my-zsh -> prezto
zshenv oh-my-zsh -> prezto
zshrc Added gpn for pushing new branches

Fred Wu's Dot Files


For OS X, either Xcode or Command Line Tools.

For Linux, only Ubuntu is supported.


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

After the installation you might want to set the default login shell to zsh:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

Custom Configuration

  • Make changes to ~/.zsh_custom
  • Use the command sr to reload the .zshrc source


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