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This module is a bridge between the Kohana PHP framework ( and the PHamlP library (
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.gitmodules moved from phamlp 2.2 to d4rky-pl/phamlp fork (3.2 with patches)

This project has been dropped in favor of [kohana3-haml](

Looks like HamlPHP still needs a lot of work. Project is bringed back until bugs in HamlPHP are fixed.

Kohana PHamlP Module

This module is a bridge between the Kohana PHP framework and the PHamlP library.


This module is for Kohana 3.0+.


  • Download the source code, extract it and put it in your Kohana's modules directory.
  • Download phamlp and put it into vendor/ directory ( is recommended over the original version, but you can find other forks on github)
  • Enable the module in your bootstrap file (bootstrap.php under your application directory).
  • Copy and paste the configuration file (config/phamlp.php) to your application's config directory.
  • Make necessary changes to the configuration file to suit your needs.
  • Copy and paste the controller file (classes/controller/haml.php) to your controller directory if you want to customise it.




  • By default the view files have .haml as the file extension.

If you would like to take advantage of the Haml controller shipped with this module, simply:

  • Make sure the layout file exists (configurable by setting $this->$template in the controller).
  • Make sure the view files exist. View files follow the controller_name/action_name convention.

If you would like to take control of the view rendering yourself, you can:

  • Either don't inherit from Controller_Haml, or set $this->auto_render to false.
  • Call Haml::factory() instead of View::factory(), e.g. Haml::factory($view_file, $view_data, $haml_options).

Configuration Options

  • Default Haml options are configured in config/phamlp.php file - these apply to all Haml templates generated.
  • Optionally, you may set per controller or per action Haml options via $this->haml_options in your controller actions. These overrides the default options.

Assigning Variables

  • Assign view variables to $this->view_data, e.g. $this->view_data['title'] = 'My Website';.
  • You may use either View::set_global()/View::bind_global() or Haml::set_global()/Haml::bind_global() to set global view variables.
  • Haml::factory() returns a View object, so you may use bind(), set() and magic getter/setters on it.


  • Sass support.


Copyright (c) 2010 Fred Wu (, released under the MIT license.

Brought to you by Wuit -

Currently maintained by Michał Matyas (

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