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ajaxMock - A mock for jQuery AJAX

It is inspired by gist:1445906 by cowboy.

How can you use it?

You can write your normal jQuery ajax code as usual. When you want to mock your ajax call, import it ajaxMock.js into your page, and use the following code, and your ajax call will be served by the mock. However, if there is no ajax setup match with an ajax call, that ajax call be real ajax call, so you can mix mock ajax and real ajax together.


//for simple url mock use

$.ajaxMock.url( urlOrUrlRegEx, resultOrResultFunction);

//for full control use, or develop your own higher level api use

$.ajaxMock.setup(function match(mergedOptions, originalOptions) { return true;}, function result(mergedOptions, originalOptions) { return mockValue});

//if you want to throw away the previous setup, and start over.


//when you want to switch real ajax


For more full usage details, see test case.