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(ns binclock.core
(:require [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[om.dom :as dom :include-macros true]))
(extend-type boolean
(-clone [b] (js/Boolean. b)))
(extend-type number
(-clone [n] (js/Number. n)))
(defn get-time
"current time as a map"
(let [d (js/Date.)]
{:hours (.getHours d)
:minutes (.getMinutes d)
:seconds (.getSeconds d)}))
(defn decimal-parts
"split a 1 or 2 digit number into its decimal parts
e.g. 53 => [5 3], 9 => [0 9]"
[(quot n 10) (mod n 10)])
(defn bit-match
"bit-test over a list of bit indices"
[n bits]
(mapv (partial bit-test n) bits))
(defn n->bits
"number => number + bit lists
e.g 53 => [[5 [false true false true]] [3 [false false true true]]]
we're keeping the original digit so that we can show them together with
the bit patterns later on"
(mapv #(vector % (bit-match % [3 2 1 0])) (decimal-parts n)))
(defn time->bits
"converts time (in the format from get-time) to bit vectors"
(let [->bits (fn [coll key]
(update-in coll [key] n->bits))]
(-> time
(->bits :hours)
(->bits :minutes)
(->bits :seconds))))
(defn cell
"react component for one single cell, input state is all bits for this
column with options map containing index."
[bit owner]
(let [color (if (om/value bit) "light" "dark")]
(om/component (dom/div #js {:className (str "cell" " " color)} nil))))
(defn column
"react component containing one column of the clock"
[[digit bits] owner]
(dom/div #js {:className "col"}
(om/build-all cell bits)
(dom/div #js {:className "cell"} (om/value digit)))))
(defn column-pair
"react component of two digits columns, such as hour or minutes or seconds"
[[msd lsd] owner]
(dom/div #js {:className "colpair"}
(om/build column msd)
(om/build column lsd))))
(defn legend-cell
"show one digit value in the legend"
[digit owner]
(om/component (dom/div #js {:className "cell"} (om/value digit))))
(defn legend-column
"column showing the digit value of each row"
[digits owner]
(dom/div #js {:className "col legend"}
(om/build-all legend-cell digits))))
(def app-state (atom {:time (time->bits (get-time))
:legend [8 4 2 1]}))
(fn [{:keys [legend time] :as app} owner]
(will-mount [_]
(fn [] (om/update! time #(time->bits (get-time)))) 1000))
(render [_]
(dom/div nil
(om/build legend-column legend)
(om/build column-pair (:hours time))
(om/build column-pair (:minutes time))
(om/build column-pair (:seconds time))))))
(.getElementById js/document "content"))