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Random CS-GO buy bindings

  • This is a script that makes you buy "random" items every time you press a button.
  • It's a python script that overwrites your autoexec.cfg. (or another file)
  • It generates four flavors of binds, with different max amount of cash to buy for
  • They try to give you some guns, some other guns... pistols... nades, yea
  • It actually randomizes 100 aliases per key and cycles through them every time you press the key. ** you can change this number easily.
  • Due to this it's good to run it before each match i think!
  • Python 2.7 i think
  • Don't for get to open the script up and change the path to the autoexec.cfg file! (Here you can output to some other name and exec it manually inside counter strike, if your autoexec is too precious to muck around with).

When i think about it...

If you edit the number of things to randomize from 420 to say 1337 maybe you just need to run it once. When the buy commands cycle you'll have forgotten the previous ones? Maybe?

  • No - it resets to alias one when you restart counter strike. lame!!!!!

Homework for next week:

How many aliases can cs:go hold?

  • We dont know

Does it keep which alias we're on when you restart?

  • NO, it resets.

Ok thats it folks

Have a good one. No warranty yadda yadda.