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Welcome to the free jqGrid wiki!

It contains currently short description of new features introduced by free jqGrid 4.8.

Overview of the main changes:

  • Auto-adjustment of the width of columns based on the content of data in the column and the column headers. See here for more details.
  • Redesign of the structure of Navigator Bar of the pagers. Allow wrapping of icons in multiple lines and allow to place texts under the navigator icons. See here for more details.
  • Support of scalable Font Awesome icons as an alternative to jQuery UI 16x16px icons. New option iconSet allows to redefine the full set of icons used in jqGrid. Two sets are included out of the box: iconSet: "jQueryUI" (default because of compatibility with old jqGrid versions) and iconSet: "fontAwesome". jqGrid allows to define custom iconSet and to use it in the same way like predefined "jQueryUI" and "fontAwesome". See here for more details.
  • Support of grids with multiple locale on the same page. The files grid.locale-XX.js from i18n folder defines now the set of localization values under $.jgrid.locales. The new locale option of jqGrid allows to specify the locale of the grid. In can be any value defined in locale files grid.locale-XX.js included on the page. The locale defined in the last included grid.locale-XX.js is default. See here for more details.
  • Many small improvements in the usage of jqGrid. For example including of grid.locale-en.js is now optional. Creating empty <div id="pager"></div> is optional. One can use pager option with true value. In the case jqGrid generate itself the <div> with unique id. One can create jqGrid with small number of options. Default values for many option will be set dynamically based on the options specified during creating. We tried still to hold maximal compatibility with the previous versions of jqGrid.
  • The options of many internal methods of jqGrid used by editing and searching can now be specified as jqGrid options. So one have one place where one can specify an editing option like keys: true option of inline editing and the option will be used in any kind of using of corresponding methods (formatter: "actions", inlineNav or direct call of editRow or addRow). See here for more details.
  • new callbacks and jQuery events are supported now. See here for more details.
  • CSS of jqGrid is changed to be easy to combine with bootstrap.css and other. The only known compatibility problem and the workaround is described here.

Some other important changes:

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