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 1. Download and extract
 2. Export the verse data to a CSV file with the SQLite Database Browser (sudo apt-get install sqlitebrowser)
 3. Convert the CSV to XML with and the config.xml

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <csv-column number="0" xml-tag-name="book-number"/>
            <csv-column number="1" xml-tag-name="chapter-number"/>
            <csv-column number="2" xml-tag-name="verse-number"/>
            <csv-column number="3" xml-tag-name="text"/>

    It looks like csv2xml2 is still buggy, which is why it probably needs to be replaced. However, this method can work for certain chapters.
 4. Replace all &lt; with < and all &gt; with > in the result XML file.
 5. Clone into a directory
 6. Copy $/cppstax.cpp into this directory, build the tool and run it on the XML file