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Welcome to Chapter

All Contributors

After several years of being dissatisfied with existing group event tools (Meetup, Facebook events) we decided to build our own.

This will be a self-hosted Docker container deployed to the cloud with a one-click and then configured by the owner. No coding required.

Your organization can host an instance of Chapter under a sub-domain of your website, such as or

All of an organization's user data will remain under their control.

Our Vision statement provides more details on the reasons for Chapter.


To better communicate and more easily build an API and UI, the current contributors have decided on a collection of terminology to clarify discussions surrounding the Chapter project:

Term Definition Example
instance a web server deployment of the Chapter application, managed by an organization. a Docker container running on a web host
organization a non-profit with multiple chapters Women Who Code at the sub-domain:
chapter a container for events and users Women Who Code - New York City
event a meeting with a specific location and time to which users can RSVP Coffee And Code - BistroOne, New York City, NY - April 9, 2020
role a named definition of permissions to be attached to users for the purpose of granting authorization Owner, Adminstrator, Organizer, Member
user an authenticated user who is authorized based on their role(s) Sally Gold -
visitor an non-authenticated web browser session with view-only access to public content Anonymous Web Browser Client
owner the role of a user who can configure the Chapter application instance and manage administrators for an entire organization Women Who Code - Global IT
administrator the role of a user who can setup and manage chapters and organizers for an organization Women Who Code - European Administrator
organizer the role of a user who can manage a chapter's events, RSVPs, communications, and members Women Who Code - Edinburgh, Local Organizer
member the role of a user who can follow and receive notifications from a chapter and RSVP to events Women Who Code - Edinburgh, Local Member

Tech Stack

We are using the following tools:

For more information and a guide to working on features, go to the contributing docs.

User Stories


The MVP user stories are shown in the MVP Project kanban / cards and as issues marked with "MVP".


We are maintaining a list of post-MVP conversations and user stories using the "Roadmap" tag.

Quincy Larson is the project lead. freeCodeCamp will start "dogfooding" the MVP with several of its local study groups.

UI / UX / Design References



Copyright © 2021

The computer software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license.


Thanks goes to these wonderful volunteers (emoji key):

Quincy Larson

💻 📖 🤔

Tim Chen

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💻 📖 🔧

Matteo Giaccone

📦 💻 📖

Ian Littman


Abrar Rauf


Jonathan Chhabra

🚧 💻

Thomas Roest


Scott Brenner

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Jim Ciallella

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Joel Rozen




Rob Bertram


Fran Zekan

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Jesuloba Egunjobi




Ronald van der Bergh


Rodolfo Mendes


Chris Gonzalez


Gonzalo Gras Cantou


Vivek Agrawal

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Wendel Nascimento


Praveen Durairaju


Shangeeth Sivan


Conor Broderick



📖 💻

VimalRaj Selvam


Franco Correa




Dillon Mulroy


Mirza Chilman








Ariel Barboza


Jonathan Seubert

🎨 📖

Juli Odomo


Vaibhav Singh




Edward Weymouth


Aryan J


Ashraf Nazar


Vamsi Settypalli


sushmeet sunger


Paul Gamble


Katie Noland

🐛 💻

André Jaenisch

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Patrick San Juan


Tyler Williams


Oliver Eyton-Williams

🚇 📖 💻 🚧 ⚠️ 🐛

Nicholas Carrigan (he/him)

📖 🚇 💻

Joe Devlin

🐛 📖 ⚠️

Rahul Gupta




Ahmad Abdolsaheb


Krzysztof G.


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!