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fix: changed container to container2 (#37483)

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RandellDawson authored and Manish-Giri committed Nov 8, 2019
1 parent 2287d73 commit 5ae8470bd581aec6d2b56721483b7979f6393525
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ In the second grid, use <code>auto-fit</code> with <code>repeat</code> to fill t
- text: <code>container2</code> class should have a <code>grid-template-columns</code> property with <code>repeat</code> and <code>auto-fit</code> that will fill the grid with columns that have a minimum width of <code>60px</code> and maximum of <code>1fr</code>.
testString: assert(code.match(/.container\s*?{[\s\S]*grid-template-columns\s*?:\s*?repeat\s*?\(\s*?auto-fit\s*?,\s*?minmax\s*?\(\s*?60px\s*?,\s*?1fr\s*?\)\s*?\)\s*?;[\s\S]*}/gi));
testString: assert(code.match(/.container2\s*?{[\s\S]*grid-template-columns\s*?:\s*?repeat\s*?\(\s*?auto-fit\s*?,\s*?minmax\s*?\(\s*?60px\s*?,\s*?1fr\s*?\)\s*?\)\s*?;[\s\S]*}/gi));

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