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Documentation Quick Reference

Hello 👋!

This directory contains all of the documentation on contributing to freeCodeCamp.org

If you are getting started, start by reading this first.

Quick references articles

  1. How to work on Guide articles.
  2. How to work on Coding Challenges.
  3. How to setup freeCodeCamp locally.
  4. How to catch outgoing emails locally.

Style guides

  1. Style guide for creating guide articles.
  2. Style guide for creating coding challenges.

Quick commands reference when working locally

A quick reference to the commands that you will need, when working locally.

command description
npm run bootstrap Bootstraps the different services.
npm run seed Parse all the challenge markdown files and inserts them into MongoDB.
npm run develop Starts the freeCodeCamp API Server and Client Applications.
npm test Run all JS tests in the system, including client, server, lint and challenge tests.
npm run test:client Run the client test suite.
npm run test:curriculum Run the curriculum test suite.
npm run test:server Run the server test suite.
npm run commit An interactive tool to help you build a good commit message.