Free TR-069 ACS that can run (mostly) anywhere.
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Fusion Free ACS is the most complete TR-069 ACS available for free under the MIT License. You can download and install it, or contribute to the project!


Freeacs requires Java and MySQL. It has been tested to work on Java 8 and latest version of MySQL (the latter with some minor quirk in the install script).


Build it

Freeacs is built with SBT:

$ sbt clean compile test

Play with it

Start tr069 server in discovery mode with:


Fire up a tr069 test client in docker:

docker run --rm -it --net=host --entrypoint /bin/bash --name="easycwmp" xateam/easycwmp_docker
apt install nano
nano /etc/config/easycwmp
    option url
    option url http://[your-lan-ip-on-host-machine]:[tr069-port]/tr069
chmod +x


Open a pull request, add an issue or discuss in the forums.


We use SemVer for versioning.


This project is licensed under the The MIT License.

Active project Members

  • Jarl André Hübenthal (@jarlah)

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