A remake of the classic BlueByte RPG Albion.
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  1. Public Release 1 – 2012/01/03

What’s included so far:

  • most of the 2D and 3D map rendering (event based animations are missing; also no event based tile exchange)
  • walking 2D and 3D NPCs (random and along a given path)
  • basic player movement and collision detection (needs more reverse engineering though)
  • 3D graphic enhancements: real dynamic lighting for each light source/object, hqnx graphics (up to 4x), anti-aliasing and mip-mapping
  • clock and compass
  • rudimentary event handling (map changes)
  • day/night cycle on 3D maps
  • cross-platform ;)

What’s not included and Known Issues:


  • OpenGL 3.2 Core and OpenCL 1.0/1.1 capable graphics card and drivers (i.e. GeForce 8+ or Radeon HD4+)
  • Windows: NT 5.1+, OS X: 10.7, Linux: any that is capable of the above
  • 2 GB RAM are recommended (it can use up to 1 GB of RAM when generating the HQ4X textures)
  • 256 MB VRAM minimum (only use 1X or HQ2X scaling, don’t use SSAA)
  • 512 MB VRAM are recommended (can use HQ4X, but 1 GB+ is recommended when you want to use HQ4X and 1080p+ SSAA)
  • Albion v1.38 CD XLD files and main.exe
  • Mouse and Keyboard (no, there’s no touch version, yet)

How to get it:

Build Instructions:

Installation and General Advices:

  • on Windows/Linux: download and install the latest graphic card drivers (NVIDIA: http://www.geforce.com/Drivers, AMD: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx)
  • copy your Albion CD XLD files and main.exe to “albion_pr1/data/xld” (for file/folder structure read the readme.txt in that folder)
  • edit “albion_pr1/data/config.xml” to your liking (open it in an appropriate editor, notepad is not of them!)
  • VSync should always be enabled (you’ll get weird behavior on 2D maps otherwise)
  • Fullscreen is recommended for best performance (also set your fullscreen resolution)
  • Loading and Start-up times are high when using HQ2X or HQ4X, don’t panic
  • AMD/ATI drivers are known to act weird (if you’re experiencing bad performance on your high-end card, try quitting and starting the game again)


  • WASD or arrow keys for walking
  • ESC to quit the game
  • C to toggle collision detection
  • +/- to increase/decrease day time
  • in 3D: right click to toggle camera rotation using your mouse
  • in 3D: V to toggle between “free cam” (flying) and “normal cam” (pinned to the ground)
  • in 3D: R to reset the camera+player rotation and position
  • Q to toggle debug texture display (use in combination with keys 1 – 7)