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… ebp register

(Bug introduced in 0741372.)

Added a testcase for __FB_ARGC/V__ and COMMAND(), but only in the
case where there are no arguments. Would have to subvert the testing
framework to pass arguments.
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boolean boolean: Fix AndAlso/OrElse to return Boolean even if not const-folded Sep 14, 2015
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datetime C backend: Handle F2I conversions internally Jan 9, 2014
deprecated tests: Replace ASSERT() with CU_ASSERT() in some CUnit tests May 27, 2012
dim Require/disallow Byref if Dim'ing an Extern Oct 2, 2015
expressions ASM backend: Fix comparisons involving OFFSETs (#414) Sep 21, 2015
fbcprint tests: Also test -print x with -m Jul 1, 2015
fbcu tests: ARCH= option did not work May 9, 2016
file Eof: Don't check ftell() in text-mode Dec 6, 2015
functions asm backend: Fix hCreateFrame destroying arguments to main() with bad… May 17, 2016
gfx wip: parser: Fix hMatchText-based keyword checks to only allow identi… Oct 28, 2015
namespace tests: Support linking C/C++ modules, and restore orphaned namespace/… May 9, 2016
pointers ast: Fix astIsByrefResultDeref() to handle DEREFs on constants May 3, 2015
pp Merge Boolean support Jul 25, 2015
qb -lang qb: Let local suffixed vars override global ones on lhs of assi… Sep 19, 2015
quirk Fix len() on UDTs with cast() operator overloads (#743) Sep 20, 2015
scopes Re-add FOR/SELECT/WITH implicit var unscoping in -lang qb/fblite Apr 17, 2013
string parser: Disallow fixed-length strings as BYREF vars/params/results Oct 28, 2015
structs parser: Allow type<Foo>(...) expression at begin of statement Oct 2, 2015
swap ast: Fix bitfield sidefx removal for self-BOPs and SWAP (fixes #582) Apr 14, 2014
threads tests: Fix ThreadCall test case (left-over mistake from afcced4) May 9, 2014
typedef typedefs: Disallow core keywords as fwdref id Jul 9, 2015
virtual tests: Fix override test to work on 64bit too Jul 12, 2015
visibility parser: Disallow module ctor/dtor with private/protected visibility Apr 24, 2014
warnings Adjust warning text for "mixed bool/nonbool operands" warning Mar 27, 2016
wstring tests: added testUTFAndWCharPreallocDest and renamed testLongSimpleTe… Apr 30, 2016
Makefile Merge branch 'new-build-system' Sep 11, 2011 bmk tests: Set CC=gcc May 14, 2016 Move all the subdirs out of FreeBASIC/, to get rid of the deep nesting Apr 7, 2011 tests: ARCH= option did not work May 9, 2016 Merge branch 'new-build-system' Sep 11, 2011
readme.txt tests: Support linking C/C++ modules, and restore orphaned namespace/… May 9, 2016


FreeBASIC Tests

This is the directory for FreeBASIC compiler and runtime tests.

Requirements - Windows / Linux / Dos
   - FreeBASIC Compiler 0.20.0 or above
   - make, sh, find, xargs, grep, sed, cat, rm


All of the tests are made and the results reported though a single
main makefile located in the top directory of the test tree.

use 'make' to get a list of the options available.

Making the Tests

The following two commands will make all tests:

make cunit-tests
   generates fbc-tests[.exe]

make log-tests
   generates failed-test-fb.log
   generates failed-test-qb.log
   generates failed-test-deprecated.log
   if all tests passed, the log file reports "None found"

Other Examples:

Use 'make cunit-tests' to build the cunit-compatible tests.  This
will create fbc-tests[.exe] at the top of the tree.

If the fbcu library is not already made, 'make cunit-tests' 
will automatically make it with the options fail=1 basic=1.

Use 'make log-tests' to build all non-cunit type tests.  This will
create log files, which are summarized and saved in 'failed.log'
for any failed tests.

Use 'make log-tests ALLOW_CUNIT=1' to build the cunit tests along
with the log-tests.  ALLOW_CUNIT=1 is slower than actually linking
with the fbcu/cunit library, but should allow tests to be run
without needing the libcunit.a library.

When 'ALLOW_CUNIT=1' is used, fbcu/fake/ is used as a
replacement for fbcu/include/  This alternate include file
may be needed for building the tests under DOS.

Use 'make failed-tests' to rebuild just those tests that failed in
the last testing session using 'make log-tests'.

Use 'make clean' to clean-up files, or to force the test package to
rescan directories for new or dropped test files.

Use 'make mostlyclean' to clean-up nearly all the files when it is
known that no tests have been added or dropped between test sessions.

If 'make log-tests ALLOW_CUNIT=1' was used to build the tests then
'make clean ALLOW_CUNIT=1' must be used to clean-up.

Use 'make log-tests FB_LANG=fb | qb | deprecated' to make a specific
set of -lang tests.

   Indicate that test suite is being built under a djgpp environment

   Specify the location of the fbc compiler

FB_LANG=fb | qb | deprecated
   Specify the compiler dialect

   Adds '-g' option to add debugging information.

   Adds '-exx' option to add extra error checking.

   Adds '-arch ARCH' option when compiling tests.

   Adds '-fpu FPU|SSE' option when compiling tests.

How the tests are collected

All of the directories listed in '' in the makefile
variable $(DIRLIST) are scanned for files with the extension
'.bmk' or '.bas'.  When matching filenames are found, the contents
of the file is then scanned to determine the method of testing
needed for that specific file.

By default '-lang fb' tests are collected unless 'FB_LANG=?' option
is given.

fbcu/cunit tests (cunit-tests)

fbcu/cunit compatible tests are linked with the fbcu and cunit
libraries and most follow a structure as shown in the following

Sample FBCU/CUNIT compatible test


   #include ""

   namespace fbc_tests.pretest

   sub test_true cdecl ()
     CU_ASSERT_TRUE( -1 )
   end sub

   private sub ctor () constructor

     fbcu.add_test("test_true", @test_true)

   end sub

   end namespace
   ' EOF

Consult the cunit documentation for a listing of available
assertions and testing methods.

non-cunit compatible test (log-tests)

Each non-fbcu/cunit compatible test should have one of the following 
test-mode tags present in the source file:

' One of:

Files are scanned for these tags to build of list of tests to perform,
the method to use when performing the test and the expected result.
Files that do not have one of the tags present may not get tested.

Mutli-module tests and encoded files

Mult-module tests are composed of a '.bmk' file and several source
files.  An example .bmk file:

# One of:

MAIN := my_test.bas
SRCS := my_test1.bas my_test2.bas my_test3.bas


Use a '.bmk' file to link modules compiled by other compilers, e.g.
C/C++. To do that just define a list of .o files as EXTRA_OBJS, and
provide build rules for those files. See e.g. namespace/cpp/cpp.bmk.

A '.bmk' can also be used to indicate the test type for a source file
that is not normally readable with various GNU based streams. For,
example UTF-32.  The '.bmk' is read only for the tag, and at testing
time, is substituted with '.bas'.


   the main makefile for building tests and reporting results.  This 
   makefile makes use of other makefile (sub-makefiles) to get the
   job done.
   list of directories that to be testsed.  Edit this file when new
   directories are added to the testing tree.
   a sub-makefile for building cunit compatible tests
   a sub-makefile for building all other tests that are not cunit 
   a sub-makefile for building a single executable.
   some common variables needed by most other makefiles
   generated automatically when 'make cunit-tests' is invoked.
   Lists all of the cunit-compatible tests.
   generated automatically when 'make log-tests' is invoked.
   Lists all of the tests.

   a summary of the test results for all failed tests.  To get more
   information on a specific failed test, view the '.log' saved in
   the same directory as the test file.

How to make libcunit.a on DOS
I had some trouble using the usual configure/make scipts and wrote
this makefile for dos to compile the cunit library.

## get and unzip
## place this makefile in Cunit-2.1-0/cunit
## and save as 'makefile.dos'.  
## Then build libcunit.a by running
##   'make -f makefile.dos'
## Finally, 
##    copy libcunit.a to FreeBASIC/lib/dos

RM = rm
AR = ar
GCC = gcc

SRCS := Sources/Automated/Automated.c
SRCS += Sources/Basic/Basic.c
SRCS += Sources/Console/Console.c
SRCS += Sources/Framework/CUError.c
SRCS += Sources/Framework/MyMem.c
SRCS += Sources/Framework/TestDB.c
SRCS += Sources/Framework/TestRun.c
SRCS += Sources/Framework/Util.c

OBJS := $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(SRCS))

LIBNAME = libcunit.a

%.o : %.c
	$(GCC) -c $< -I./Headers -o $@

all: $(LIBNAME)

	$(AR) cru $(LIBNAME) $(OBJS)

.PHONY: clean
	$(RM) -f $(OBJS)
	$(RM) -f $(LIBNAME)

## EOF
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