Various community todos and docs, a place to stash inprogress things.
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Various community todos and docs, a place to stash inprogress things.

Community Challenges Petition

  • Get over 45,000 followers, then share goal to 50K! VERY CLOSE ONLY 37 AWAY!
  • Get over 50,000 followers, then tweet it.
  • Set the next goal

Twitter Account

  • Get 1500 followers, then tweet it. (currently > 1112 followers)
  • Tweet a new piece of information.
  • pledge to help us post once a day

Instagram Account

  • Get 1000 followers, then share it!
  • Continue the day posts, fill them out.
  • pledge to help us post once a day

Facebook Account

  • Get 3000 likes! (currently over 2722 likes)
  • pledge to help us post once a day

  • help us update news items with a commit and pull request
  • help us add a projects section to the site, listing out our main big projects and campaigns we have launched

New Palmyra


#waiting4bassel Book

Join process, check the footer for links to issues and more social.

Join process.


Host your own Protocultural event around the world.



New Project Ideas

Pick one of these, talk to us at, and attack it with vigor, and publicly!

  • Make an Offer: Make an offer to Bassel from your organization! MIT did it. CC did it. How about your organization?
  • #missingbassel: Needs some attention, increase awareness, where the hell is he? need public posting of this graphic
  • #freebassel: post up the graphic, take a photo, post on instagram, facebook, openclipart and twitter, with day # for more impact
  • FREEBASSEL Font: Take handwriting samples, convert to his writing, spread awareness
  • Freebassel Archives: Get images, video and text from Bassel and share publicly.
  • Freebassel Creative Project: Make a song, video, poem, or a vr play about Bassel, perform and publish publicly.
  • Translate some documents into high priority language: Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Persian, French, Spanish. All other to English.
  • Translate Bassel's tweets. Tweets in arabic need english, and those in english need arabic
  • Interview Bassel's friends and family, publish the interviews.
  • Bassel's Art Show: Do a show with Bassel's artwork
  • FREEBASSEL DAY is March 15, 2016. That is the 4th year he is locked up, but this now the first where he is completely missing! Its also the same day
  • FREEBASSEL BIRTHDAY is May 22, 2016. Need a plan.