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archivers Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
audio Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
benchmarks/hs-criterion benchmarks/hs-criterion: --> Aug 6, 2015
converters converters/hs-dataenc: Fix build with GHC 7.10 Aug 7, 2015
databases databases/hs-esqueleto: 2.2.10 --> 2.4.1 Aug 19, 2015
devel Add devel/hs-ncurses Feb 19, 2016
dns Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
editors editors/hs-yi: Fix build with recent version of vty Aug 20, 2015
ftp/hs-curl Retire USE_GHC_NATIVE Feb 19, 2016
games Add games/hs-scroll Feb 19, 2016
graphics graphics/hs-JuicyPixels: --> 3.2.6 Aug 19, 2015
irc irc/hs-irc: --> Aug 6, 2015
lang Fix self-dependency problem of HsColour Feb 22, 2016
mail mail/hs-mime-string: Fix build with GHC 7.10 Aug 7, 2015
math math/hs-Agda-stdlib: Chase the changes in Feb 19, 2016
net-im/hs-haskell-xmpp net-im/hs-haskell-xmpp: Fix build with GHC 7.10 Aug 7, 2015
net-p2p/hs-torrent net/hs-torrent --> net-p2p/hs-torrent Aug 17, 2015
net Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
ports-mgmt/hs-porte ports-mgmt/hs-porte: Fix build with GHC 7.10 Aug 7, 2015
print/hs-hscolour print/hs-hscolour: Improve integration with Feb 19, 2016
science/hs-bio science/hs-bio: Fix build with GHC 7.10 Aug 7, 2015
security Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
shells shells/hs-shelly: --> Aug 20, 2015
sysutils Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015
textproc textproc/hs-pandoc: Make dependency on TeX optional. Feb 19, 2016
www www/hs-activehs: Fix a run-time issue Feb 19, 2016
x11-toolkits x11-toolkits/hs-wxdirect: Add line ending conversion Aug 19, 2015
x11-wm x11-wm/hs-xmonad-contrib: 0.11.3 --> 0.11.4 Aug 7, 2015
x11 Integrate from the Ports Collection. Aug 30, 2015 Update README: s/GNATS/Bugzilla/, refer to the wiki for contributions Jul 20, 2014


This repository is to provide support for working with the Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System and Haskell Cabal on FreeBSD, it hosts the work of volunteers interested in maintaining such ports. It considered a highly experimental collection and it may contain ports that are not present in the Ports Collection currently.

How to Use

In order to use the ports in this repository, you will have to install portshaker(8) and its configuration files, be sure you are selecting the HASKELL option:

# cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portshaker-config
# make install clean

Start portshaker(8), and answer the questions (if there is any). They usually refer to colluding ports where the recommended answer is install or simply i.

# portshaker -v

You can use the ports as usual after the process has finished.

Binary Packages

It is also possible to use binary packages built from these ports via pkg(8). Note that these packages are not supported officially and may not be consistent with the packages in the official FreeBSD pkg(8) repository, so use them at your own risk! They are also updated on a best-effort basis, although you can find packages for all supported architectures and versions there.

First, you will have to make sure that pkg(8) is installed on your system and your ports are all converted to this new format. Consult the FreeBSD Handbook on the details.

Configure the corresponding package repository. That is, create a Haskell.conf file under $LOCALBASE/etc/pkg/repos, with the following contents:

Haskell: {
  url: "${ABI}/latest",
  enabled: yes

Finally, fetch the latest version of the repository catalogue:

# pkg update

Now you are ready to install or upgrade binary packages from this repository via the standard pkg(8) commands. For example, installing or updating Haskell Platform requires this single command only:

# pkg install hs-haskell-platform

How to Report Bugs

Let us know if you have problems with installing and using the ports in the repository, because receiving feedback is always useful, and definitely a way to get your issues fixed :-)

There are many different ways to report bugs.

Note: Please, do not use FreeBSD Bugzilla to report issues with these ports because it is mainly for ports in the Ports Collection.

How to Contribute

Do not forget to contribute your fixes if you already have a patch for a known problem! You can use the same interface as for reporting bugs. Change requests and new ports are also welcome.

For more information on the technical details, please see the wiki or simply get in touch by the one of the communication channels mentioned above.