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This repository is to provide support for working with the Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System and Haskell Cabal on FreeBSD, it hosts the work of volunteers interested in maintaining such ports. It considered a highly experimental collection and it may contain ports that are not present in the Ports Collection currently.

How to Use

In order to use the ports in this repository, you will have to install and configure portshaker(8).

# cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portshaker
# make install clean

Create an executable configuration file for the repository under /usr/local/etc/portshaker.d, named freebsd-haskell with the following contents. (Feel free to replace /usr/local/ with your local base directory.)


. /usr/local/share/portshaker/portshaker.subr


run_portshaker_command $*

Add the configuration file to your portshaker.conf (in /usr/local/etc). For example, if you want to merge the contents with your main ports tree modify the main_merge_from= line to include freebsd-haskell.

main_merge_from="ports freebsd-haskell"

Start portshaker(8), and answer the questions (if there is any). They usually refer to colluding ports where the recommended answer is install or simply i.

# portshaker -v

You can use the ports as usual after the process has finished.

How to Report Bugs

Let us know if you have problems with installing and using the ports in the repository, because receiving feedback is always useful, and definitely a way to get your issues fixed :-)

There are many different ways to report bugs.

Note: Please, do not use FreeBSD GNATS to report issues with these ports because it is mainly for ports in the Ports Collection.

How to Contribute

Do not forget to contribute your fixes if you already have a patch for a known problem! You can use the same interface as for reporting bugs. Change requests and new ports are also welcome.

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