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Commits on Jul 21, 2014
  1. @kuriyama

    Add support for 9.3-RELEASE.

    kuriyama committed
  2. @bapt

    Switch to wx 3.0

    bapt committed
    Add dvips dependency to build with texlive
  3. @bapt

    Fix build with texlive

    bapt committed
    Fix build on head without makeinfo
    Support stage
    Use options helpers
  4. @bapt

    Add INFO macro to the helpers

    bapt committed
  5. @bapt

    Fix build with texlive

    bapt committed
    With hat:	portmgr
  6. @bapt
  7. @bapt

    Fix build with texlive

    bapt committed
  8. @bapt

    Fix build with texlive

    bapt committed
  9. @ant1


    ant1 committed
    Pointy hat:	crees
  10. @mat813

    Fixup typo.

    mat813 committed
    Sponsored by:	Absolight
  11. @ant1


    ant1 committed
  12. @bapt

    Fix build with texlive

    bapt committed
  13. @nivit

    - Update to 1.5.6

    nivit committed
    - Add another site to MASTER_SITES
  14. @rakuco

    Move back the patch for CVE-2014-0190 to qt5-gui.

    rakuco committed
    It applies to -imageformats in Qt4, but -gui in Qt5. Noted by antoine@. A
    PORTREVISION bump was unavoidable to make sure people who build
    qt5-gui-5.2.1_3 without the patch rebuild the port with it.
    MFH:		2014Q3
    Security:	904d78b8-0f7e-11e4-8b71-5453ed2e2b49
  15. @rakuco

    Fix the recent Qt vulnerability entry again.

    rakuco committed
    The CVE patch applies to -imageformats in Qt4 but -gui in Qt5. I always get
    confused by the different port names...
    Noted by antoine@.
    MFH:		2014Q3
    Security:	904d78b8-0f7e-11e4-8b71-5453ed2e2b49
  16. @jrmarino

    deskutils/calibre: Update version 1.44.0 => 1.45.0 plus clean-up

    jrmarino committed
    The PR as provided did not pass stage checks.  Not only were there new
    installed files not represented in the pkg-plist, but patching the html
    files caused the .orig versions to be installed too.  That required
    a post-patch target to remove as well as the updated pkg-plist.
    A long standing issue that was non-fatal on FreeBSD but fatal on DragonFly
    involved the use of the calibre RC script.  The template is
    filled in at ${WRKDIR}/calibre, the same exact location for the default
    configure directory.  FreeBSD handled that problem like this:
      "No write acces [sic] to /work/a/ports/deskutils/calibre/work/calibre
       using a temporary dir instead"
    But the error code returned by DragonFly caused this message there:
      "OSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/wrkdirs/deskutils/calibre/
    The solution was to set CALIBRE_CONFIG_DIRECTORY to another location.
    Strangely this directory is removed by the build later.
    Another change I made was to move XDG_CONFIG_HOME from
    ${STAGEDIR}/.config to ${WRKDIR}/xdg-config where it doesn't need to
    be deleted as a post-install step.  Strangely, this directory is empty
    after the build, so all this XDG_CONFIG_HOME can probably be removed
    The remaining changes were wrapping lines to respect an 80-column limit
    and unmasking install commands.
    PR:		191957
    Submitted by:	maintainer (Rusty Nejdl)
  17. @ehaupt
  18. @swills
  19. @swills

    sysutils/mcollective: update to 2.5.3, document security issue

    swills committed
    Security:	ecea9e92-0be5-4931-88da-8772d044972a
    MFH:		2014Q3
  20. @thierry-FreeBSD

    - Stagify

    thierry-FreeBSD committed
    - Fix pcre
    - Mark BROKEN with clang
    - Add license.
  21. @bapt

    Fix typo

    bapt committed
  22. @thierry-FreeBSD

    - Stagify

    thierry-FreeBSD committed
    - Upgrade to 2.5.13.
  23. @bapt

    Fix build on head

    bapt committed
  24. Update to 0.25.0. It supports commitid.

    hrs committed
    Obtained from:	OpenBSD
  25. @bapt

    Handle gbklatex component

    bapt committed
  26. @rakuco

    Update to 2.8.0.

    rakuco committed
    Submitted by:	jpaetzel@ via the KDE on FreeBSD mailing list
  27. Oops, meant pre-configure. Thanks, antoine!

    adamw committed
  28. @bapt

    Fix with TEX_DEFAULT=texlive

    bapt committed
  29. @ant1

    Fix depends

    ant1 committed
  30. As suggested by ache, actually check for the presence of Image/Magick…

    adamw committed
    ….pm and only barf if it
    doesn't exist.
  31. @skreuzer

    Set CATEGORIES to textproc

    skreuzer committed
  32. @skreuzer

    A Python module for creating JUnit XML test result documents that can…

    skreuzer committed
    … be read
    by tools such as Jenkins. If you are ever working with test tool or test suite
    written in Python and want to take advantage of Jenkins' pretty graphs and test
    reporting capabilities, this module will let you generate the XML test reports.
  33. @opsec

    textproc/docbook-tdg: provide both versions, selectable via make config

    opsec committed
    - Clean-up Makefile
    - Add LICENSE
    - Fix pkg-descr
    - Use dynamic pkg-plist
    PR:		191162
    Submitted by:
  34. @ant1

    Update to

    ant1 committed
  35. @ant1

    Update to 20140714

    ant1 committed
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