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ClonOS: virtualization platform on top of FreeBSD Operating System

Link: ClonOS 19.09 Link: CBSD

Contact: Oleg Ginzburg

What is ClonOS?

ClonOS is a turnkey open-source platform based on FreeBSD and the CBSD framework. ClonOS offers a complete web UI for an easy control, deployment and management of FreeBSD jails containers and bhyve/Xen hypervisor virtual environments.

ClonOS is currently the only available platforms which allow both Xen and bhyve hypervisors to coexist on the same host. Since ClonOS is a FreeBSD-based platform, it has the ability to create and manage jails natively, allowing you to run FreeBSD applications without losing performance.

ClonOS/CBSD 2019Q3 Status Report

  • Added support for cloud-init (Linux/BSD VMs) and cloudbase-init (Windows VMs). It gives the ability to use FreeBSD as IaaS platform for instant deployment and usage of virtual machines based on bhyve hypervisor.

  • Project started to use own cloud images for better stability and resiliency.

  • New mirrors in France, US and Canada were added for distributing ISO/cloud-init images in addition to Russia, Latvia and Ukraine.

  • Now we're using Jenkins CI for testing regular ClonOS builds: Update clonos packages (Thanks to Daniel Shafer)

  • New pkg repository was deployed to support ClonOS installation from packages (at this moment only FreeBSD-12 packages are available) ClonOS package repo (Thanks to Daniel Shafer)

Open issues and tasks:

  • Volunteers, contributors and testers are urgently needed to distribute ClonOS on FreeBSD environments.

  • We'd like to expand our mirrors number geographically, your help and contribution will be much appriciated.

  • We're urgently looking for hosting sponsorship for various developing and testing activities.