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Jul 03, 2014

  1. Merge ^/head@268187.

    marcel authored

Jul 02, 2014

  1. Improve markup, change references to nonexistent vt_vga(4), remove some

    language redundancy, and move the examples so sections are in the
    standard order.
    MFC after:	1 week
    wblock authored
  2. Drop KTR records when we're in the debugger so that the debugger isn't

    changing or overwriting the trace buffer. When KTR is enabled for things
    like traps or pmap functions, the amount of logging can be substantial.
    marcel authored
  3. Improve the KTR logs by naming the values.

    marcel authored
  4. hirenp

    No commit message

    hirenp authored
  5. Fix r264346 for ia64. We need to allocate memory for the function

    descriptors in order to relocate RTLD itself. To allocate memory,
    we need the pagesizes array initialized, but that happens after
    RTLD is relocated. This ordering is important for amd64, but it's
    opposite of what ia64 needs. Handle this conflict with the define
    called RTLD_INIT_PAGESIZES_EARLY. When defined, obtain the page
    sizes before relocating rtld, otherwise do it after.
    marcel authored
  6. Alexander Motin

    Fix bug in sync control in new "dev" mode of ZVOL (r265678).

    Don't check ZVOL_WCE flag, used in Solaris to control device "write cache".
    It is not applicable on FreeBSD and by default set to "disable".
    MFC after:	3 days
    amotin authored
  7. Fixed build with DEVICE_POLLING.

    pluknet authored
  8. Ed Maste

    Fix vt(4) detection in kbdcontrol and vidcontrol

    As sc(4) and vt(4) coexist and are both enabled in GENERIC, the existence
    of a vt(4) sysctl is not sufficient to determine that vt(4) is in use.
    Reported by:	Trond Endrestøl
    emaste authored
  9. Remove ofwfb(4) in order to fix the LINT build breakage caused by r26…

    Both vt(4) and ofwfb(4) need a lot of love to be usable on sparc64 and even
    then the performance of ofwfb(4) would suck compared to hardware accelerated
    drivers like creator(4) and machfb(4).
    marius authored
  10. Ed Maste

    vtfontcvt: correct width calculation (.hex files and commandline)

    MFC after:	1 week
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    emaste authored
  11. Ed Maste

    Clarify the setting of syscons driver flags

    Submitted by:	wblock
    emaste authored
  12. Fix off-by-one introduced by the conversion to the driver API.

    Submitted by:   Sreekanth Rupavatharam <>
    Obtained from:  Juniper Networks, Inc.
    marcel authored
  13. Now that GENERIC can boot on UEFI systems (r268158), switch the build…

    … to use
    UEFI-compatible images. These will boot as before on BIOS systems, but will
    boot using the UEFI loader on UEFI-aware systems.
    nwhitehorn authored
  14. Ed Maste

    Fix typos in VTY constant names from r268158

    emaste authored
  15. Add a ful stop after FreeBSD's version in the history section.

    Pointed out by: brueffer@ (thanks!)
    marcel authored
  16. Ed Maste

    Prefer vt(4) for UEFI boot

    The UEFI framebuffer driver vt_efifb requires vt(4), so add a mechanism
    for the startup routine to set the preferred console.  This change is
    ugly because console init happens very early in the boot, making a
    cleaner interface difficult.  This change is intended only to facilitate
    the sc(4) / vt(4) transition, and can be reverted once vt(4) is the
    emaste authored
  17. Various bugfixes from Stefano Garzarella:

    1. oce_multiq_start(): make sure the buffer is consumed even on ENXIO
    2. oce_multiq_transmit(): there is an extra call to drbr_enqueue()
      causing the mbuf to be enqueued twice when the NIC's queue is full,
      and potential panics
    3. oce_multiq_transmit(): same problem fixed recently in ixgbe (r267187)
       and other drivers: if the mbuf is enqueued, the proper return value is 0
    Submitted by:	Stefano Garzarella
    MFC after:	3 days
    luigi authored
  18. Add support for empty data sets. Data set begin and end pointers

    should resolve to "NULL" when not present. This is done by declaring
    the data set begin and end symbols as "weak".
    hselasky authored
  19. Define a "__weak" macro for declaring symbols "weak".

    hselasky authored
  20. Plug gcc warning after r268074 about unitialized newsigacts

    Reported by:	Gary Jennejohn <gljennjohn>
    mjg authored
  21. grimreaper

    Add documentation for svnlite.

    PR:		191544
    Reported by:	eric
    Reviewed by:	imp
    MFC After: 	1 week
    grimreaper authored
  22. Prepare for merging to stable/10: update the history section.

    marcel authored

Jul 01, 2014

  1. Convert nfe(4) to use the driver API.

    Submitted by: Mikhail <>
    marcel authored
  2. Merge from OpenSolaris (15-Sep-2008):

    6735480 race between probe enabling and provider registration
    MFC after:	1 week
    pfg authored
  3. Xin Li

    Check if fchflags() is needed by fstat'ing before and check

    the results.
    Reviewed by:	jilles
    X-MFC-With:	r267977
    delphij authored
  4. Xin Li

    MFV r268122:

    4929 want prevsnap property
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    delphij authored
  5. Add an entry for r268115 to UPDATING.

    rmacklem authored
  6. Xin Li

    MFV r268121:

    4924 LZ4 Compression for metadata
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    delphij authored
  7. Small merges from OpenSolaris:

    These have no effect on FreeBSD, in fact they are ifdef'ed,
    but make easier future merges:
    6699767 panic in spec_open()
    6718877 crgetzoneid() use can cause problems when forking processes with
    USDT providers in a non global zone
    MFC after:	3 days
    pfg authored
  8. Xin Li

    MFV r268119:

    4914 zfs on-disk bookmark structure should be named *_phys_t
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    delphij authored
  9. Bump __FreeBSD_version since r268115 changed the internal

    interfaces used between the NFS related modules, including
    the krpc.
    rmacklem authored
  10. Document r268045, vt(4) now in GENERIC.

    Remove r260888, VT kernel configuration file is gone.
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    gjb authored
  11. Xin Li

    - Fix handling of "new" style of ioctl in compatiblity mode [1];

     - Reorganize code and reduce diff from upstream;
     - Improve forward compatibility shims for previous kernel;
    Reported by:	sbruno [1]
    X-MFC-With:	r268075
    delphij authored
  12. Merge the NFSv4.1 server code in projects/nfsv4.1-server over

    into head. The code is not believed to have any effect
    on the semantics of non-NFSv4.1 server behaviour.
    It is a rather large merge, but I am hoping that there will
    not be any regressions for the NFS server.
    MFC after:	1 month
    rmacklem authored
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