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Commits on Jan 19, 2013
  1. MFC to r245655

    andrew authored
  2. Add the required __aeabi_* functions to libc.

    andrew authored
    The floating point functions are here rather than compiler-rt because the
    libc softfloat code allows us to set the rounding mode.
  3. Merge projects/bhyve to head.

    neel authored
    'bhyve' was developed by grehan@ and myself at NetApp (thanks!).
    Special thanks to Peter Snyder, Joe Caradonna and Michael Dexter for their
    support and encouragement.
    Obtained from:	NetApp
  4. Update the syscall calling convention for ARM EABI. We store the syscall

    andrew authored
    in r7 and use ip to store the old version of r7 as it is not guaranteed to
    be kept when calling a subroutine. The kernel will preserve the register
    across system calls.
  5. There should have been a tab after SRCS+=

    andrew authored
  6. @pgiffuni

    newfs_msdos: cosmetical cleanups

    pgiffuni authored
    - Simplify diagnostic messages.
    - Adopt lowercase first letters to make the messages
      more canonical.
    PR:		bin/175404
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon
    Reviewed by:	bde
    MFC after:	3 days
  7. @akabaev

    Do not pretend to have autosense data when no such data is available.

    akabaev authored
    Make umass return an error code if SCSI sense retrieval request
    has failed. Make sure scsi_error_action honors SF_NO_RETRY and
    SF_NO_RECOVERY in all cases, even if it cannot parse sense bytes.
    Reviewed by: hselasky (umass), scottl (cam)
  8. Fix a few mis-merges

    andrew authored
  9. MFC to r245644

    andrew authored
  10. For ARM EABI we only need a subset of the quad functions, the rest are

    andrew authored
    provided by libgcc.
  11. Don't use the pcs attribute on compilers that don't support it. We can

    andrew authored
    revert this when we stop supporting old versions of gcc.
  12. @bsdjhb

    Fix build with SMP disabled.`

    bsdjhb authored
    Reported by:	bf
  13. Eliminate the need for an intermediate array of indices into the arra…

    ian authored
    …ys of
    interrupt counts and names, by making the names into an array of fixed-length
    strings that can be directly indexed.  This eliminates extra memory accesses
    on every interrupt to increment the counts.
    As a side effect, it also fixes a bug that would corrupt the names data
    if a name was longer than MAXCOMLEN, which led to incorrect vmstat -i output.
    Approved by:	cognet (mentor)
  14. @juikim
  15. @bsdjhb

    - Move 'showthreads' check out of fmt.c.

    bsdjhb authored
    - Update shadow copy of fmt_argv() prototype in w.c and fix calls for
      additional parameter.
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @delphij

    Set showthread = 0 for w(1).

    delphij authored
    X-MFC:	together with r245610
  2. @jillest

    libthr: Always use the threaded rtld lock implementation.

    jillest authored
    The threaded rtld lock implementation is faster even in the single-threaded
    case because it postpones signal handlers via THR_CRITICAL_ENTER and
    THR_CRITICAL_LEAVE instead of calling sigprocmask(2).
    As a result, exception handling becomes faster in single-threaded
    applications linked with libthr.
    Reviewed by:	kib
  3. Import compiler-rt r172839.

    andrew authored
    This brings in __aeabi_lcmp and __aeabi_ulcmp. It also fixes the spelling
    of __aeabi_f2lz. Both changes originated on the arm_eabi project branch.
  4. @brooksdavis
  5. @brooksdavis

    Introduce six new options from NetBSD:

    brooksdavis authored
     * -M <metalog>   Log metadata in mtree format.
     * -D <destdir>   Log paths relative to <destdir>.
     * -h <hash>      Log digest of type <hash>.
     * -T <tags>      Specify which mtree tags to log.
     * -l <linkflag>  Create hard or symbolic links (allows logging).
     * -U             Install without root privileges (owner, group, mode,
                      and flags can be logged via -M
    NOTE: In the interest of compatibility with NetBSD and because it is the
    obvious letter, the nearly useless -M option (disable mmap) has been
    Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
    Obtained from:	NetBSD
    Reviewed by:	bz
  6. @delphij

    Make it possible to force async at server side on new NFS server, sim…

    delphij authored
    to the old one's nfs.nfsrv.async.
    Please note that by enabling this option (default is disabled), the system
    could potentionally have silent data corruption if the server crashes
    before write is committed to non-volatile storage, as the client side have
    no way to tell if the data is already written.
    Submitted by:	rmacklem
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  7. @pgiffuni

    ext2fs: Add some DOINGASYNC check to match ffs.

    pgiffuni authored
    This is mostly cosmetical.
    Reviewed by:	bde
    MFC after:	3 days
  8. @bsdjhb

    Use vfs_timestamp() to set file timestamps rather than invoking

    bsdjhb authored
    getmicrotime() or getnanotime() directly in NFS.
    Reviewed by:	rmacklem, bde
    MFC after:	1 week
  9. @bsdjhb

    Include the thread name along with the command name when displaying the

    bsdjhb authored
    command name of a thread from a multi-threaded process that doesn't have
    an available argument list (such as kernel processes) and threads display
    is enabled via -H.
    Reviewed by:	alfred, delphij,
    MFC after:	1 week
  10. @grimreaper

    Add option to make pc-sysinstall optional

    grimreaper authored
    Approved by:	cperciva
  11. @splbio

    Spelling: exitting -> exiting

    splbio authored
    MFC after:	2 weeks
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. @juikim

    Merge ACPICA 20130117.

    juikim authored
  2. @brooksdavis

    In r245571, "rm -rf <foo>; ln -s <bar> <foo>" needed to be replaced with

    brooksdavis authored
    "ln -sfh <bar> <foo>" or the links would fail when a valid link to a
    directly was in place at <foo>.
    Reported by:	peter
    Tested by:	peter
    Pointy hat to:	brooks
  3. add some definition and driver changes in preparation for

    luigi authored
    two upcoming features:
    semi-transparent mode:
        when a device is opened in this mode, the
        user program will be able to mark slots that must be forwarded
        to the "other" side (i.e. from NIC to host stack, or viceversa),
        and the forwarding will occur automatically at the next netmap syscall.
        This saves the need to open another file descriptor and do
        the forwarding manually.
    direct-forwarding mode:
        when operating with a VALE port, the user can specify in the slot
        the actual destination port, overriding the forwarding decision
        made by a lookup of the destination MAC. This can be useful to
        implement packet dispatchers.
    No API changes will be introduced.
    No new functionality in this patch yet.
  4. @bsdjhb

    Don't attempt to use clflush on the local APIC register window. Various

    bsdjhb authored
    CPUs exhibit bad behavior if this is done (Intel Errata AAJ3, hangs on
    Pentium-M, and trashing of the local APIC registers on a VIA C7).  The
    local APIC is implicitly mapped UC already via MTRRs, so the clflush isn't
    necessary anyway.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
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