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Commits on Jul 21, 2010
  1. @rdivacky

    Merge from head.

    rdivacky authored
Commits on Jul 20, 2010
  1. @delphij

    Staticify local variables.

    delphij authored
    While I'm there also add a 'static' keyword for a function to make it
    consistent with prototype.
    Reviewed by:	phk
    MFC after:	3 months
  2. @EdSchouten

    Upgrade our Clang in base to r108428.

    EdSchouten authored
    This commit merges the latest LLVM sources from the vendor space. It
    also updates the build glue to match the new sources. Clang's version
    number is changed to match LLVM's, which means /usr/include/clang/2.0
    has been renamed to /usr/include/clang/2.8.
    Obtained from:	projects/clangbsd
  3. @amotin
  4. @keltia

    Week days are all lowercase in French.

    keltia authored
    cf. (FR)
    PR:		misc/148792
    Submitted by:	Mathieu <>
    MFC after:	1 weeks
  5. @ivoras

    Fix expression style.

    ivoras authored
    Prodded by: jhb
  6. Store fsbase and gsbase in the right fields of the mcontext. They were

    tijl authored
    PR:		i386/148344
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. @amotin
  8. @rpaulo

    Fix typo in comment.

    rpaulo authored
  9. @amotin

    Extend timer driver API to report also minimal and maximal supported …

    amotin authored
    lengths. Make MI wrapper code to validate periods in request. Make kernel
    clock management code to honor these hardware limitations while choosing hz,
    stathz and profhz values.
  10. Update manpage to reflect changes regarding the 6050's firmware.

    bschmidt authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  11. @EdSchouten

    Small cleanups to the Clang build infrastructure:

    EdSchouten authored
    - Move all version related definitions into, instead of
      having them scattered throughout and
    - Tidify the asmprinters/targets/asmparsers/disassemblers target lists.
      We maintain these files ourselves, instead of using the files
      generated by autoconf.
  12. @nwhitehorn

    Build some powerpc-specific utilities on powerpc64 as well.

    nwhitehorn authored
    Submitted by:	Andreas Tobler
  13. @caladri

    Import the Cavium Simple Executive from the Cavium Octeon SDK. The Si…

    caladri authored
    Executive is a library that can be used by standalone applications and kernels
    to abstract access to Octeon SoC and board-specific hardware and facilities.
    The FreeBSD port to Octeon will be updated to use this where possible.
  14. @caladri
  15. @trasz

    Add reference to uhsoctl(1).

    trasz authored
  16. @mmatuska

    To improve latency, lower default vfs.zfs.vdev.max_pending from 35 to 10

    mmatuska authored
    OpenSolaris onnv changeset (partial):	10801:e0bf032e8673
    Approved by:	pjd, delphij (mentor)
    Obtained from:	OpenSolaris (Bug ID 6891731)
    MFC after:	1 week
  17. @thompsa

    - Fixed automatic detection of the control serial port.

    thompsa authored
    - Fixed segmentation fault when an invalid network interface was given.
    - More helpful message in case of wrong PIN number.
    Submitted by:	Fredrik Lindberg
  18. @thompsa

    - Support for Globetrotter iCON 452.

    thompsa authored
    - Fixed the interface probe routine to only attach to USB interfaces the driver
      actually supports.  This allows other drivers to attach to things like
      MicroSD slots etc.
    - Fixed network interface enumeration to be globally sequential instead of
      relying on the USB interface numbers.  This make sure the first network
      interface always is at uhso0 and the second at usho1 and so on.
    - Added a radio kill switch; exposed through sysctl.
    - Updated the manual page to be verbose about the number of serial ports and
      include iCON 452 in the set of tested hardware.
    Submitted by:	Fredrik Lindberg
  19. Fix function name in error messages.

    davidxu authored
  20. Fix handling of the "-l" argument for nfsdumpstate(8).

    rmacklem authored
    Submitted by:	zack.kirsch at
    MFC after:	2 weeks
Commits on Jul 19, 2010
  1. Specify BCE_RX_BUF_ALIGN alignment for RX buffers. All bce(4)

    yongari authored
    controllers require RX buffers aligned on BCE_RX_BUF_ALIGN bytes.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  2. Specify BUS_DMA_ZERO flag to bus_dmamem_alloc(9) and remove bzero()

    yongari authored
    calls. Also add BUS_DMA_COHERENT flag to bus_dmamem_alloc(9) to
    take advantage of efficient synchronization for architectures that
    support that feature.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  3. Use bus_get_dma_tag() to get parent tag. Also use

    yongari authored
    BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE_32BIT to specify sum of all segment lengths.
    Previously it used MAXBSIZE which was wrong.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  4. For the experimental NFSv4 server's dumplocks operation, add the

    rmacklem authored
    MPSAFE flag to cn_flags so that it doesn't panic. The panics weren't
    seen since nfsdumpstate(8) is broken for the "-l" case, so this
    was never done. I'll do a separate commit to fix nfsdumpstate(8).
    Submitted by:	zack.kirsch at
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  5. Add KASSERT to check number of returned DMA segments.

    yongari authored
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  6. Fix naming to be consistent.

    adrian authored
  7. Do not report current link state if interface is not UP.

    yongari authored
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  8. Extend the mx25l flash device support to include a set of per-device

    adrian authored
    Some of these parts will support 4K/32K block erases rather than
    a sector erase. This includes (at least) the MX25L128.
  9. Correctly check the result of media selection. Previously it always

    yongari authored
    returned success.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  10. Don't change current media in bce_stop(). There is no need to do

    yongari authored
    this here.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  11. Have bce_init_ctx() return error code and make caller check the

    yongari authored
    return code. If context was not setup correctly give up
    initialization. While I'm here move variable declarations to the
    beginning of the function.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  12. When we didn't find a matching flash device, do not touch flash

    yongari authored
    config data. While I'm here, use return code of bce_init_nvram()
    to set error instead of directly setting ENODEV.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  13. @juikim

    Improve style slightly.

    juikim authored
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