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Commits on Sep 4, 2013
  1. Gleb Smirnoff

    Sync with head.

    glebius authored
  2. Gleb Smirnoff

    Make default cache size more modern.

    glebius authored
    Requested by:	Slawa Olhovchenkov <slw>
  3. Justin Hibbits
Commits on Sep 3, 2013
  1. For TOE connections, the window scale factor in CPL_PASS_ACCEPT_REQ is

    np authored
    set to 15 to indicate that the peer did not send a window scale option
    with its SYN.  Do not send a window scale option in the SYN|ACK reply
    in that case.
  2. Sean Bruno
  3. Newer versions of gcc define __INT64_C and __UINT64_C, so avoid

    imp authored
    redefining them if gcc provides them.
  4. John Baldwin

    Add support for the 'invpcid' instruction to binutils and DDB's

    bsdjhb authored
    disassembler on amd64.
    MFC after:	1 month
  5. pgiffuni

    Remove our hacked GNU patch.

    pgiffuni authored
    The old (2.1) GNU patch has outlived its days.  The major
    local changes have been moved into the less restrictedly
    licensed patch(1) we adopted in usr.bin/ .
    A much newer version of GNU patch is available in the
    ports tree (devel/patch).
    Disconnect from the build and remove.
  6. Remove redundant field pr_sctp_on.

    tuexen authored
    MFC after: 1 week
  7. Use the fact that the AES-NI instructions can be pipelined to improve

    jmg authored
    performance... Use SSE2 instructions for calculating the XTS tweek
    factor...  Let the compiler do more work and handle register allocation
    by using intrinsics, now only the key schedule is in assembly...
    Replace .byte hard coded instructions w/ the proper instructions now
    that both clang and gcc support them...
    On my machine, pulling the code to userland I saw performance go from
    ~150MB/sec to 2GB/sec in XTS mode.  GELI on GNOP saw a more modest
    increase of about 3x due to other system overhead (geom and
    These changes allow almost full disk io rate w/ geli...
    Reviewed by:	-current, -security
    Thanks to:	Mike Hamburg for the XTS tweek algorithm
  8. add support to gcc for AES and PCLMUL intrinsics... This addes the

    jmg authored
    -maes option, but not the -mpclmul option as I ran out of bits in
    the 32 bit flags field...  You can -D__PCLMUL__ to get this, but it
    won't be compatible w/ clang and modern gcc...
    Reviewed by:	-current, -toolchain
  9. Ed Maste

    Connect libexecinfo to the build

    emaste authored
    Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
  10. sys/dev/xen/blkback/blkback.c:

    gibbs authored
    	Initialize the request id for requests in xbb_get_resources()
    	instead of its previous location in xbb_dispatch_io().  This
    	guarantees that all request types (e.g. BLKIF_OP_FLUSH_DISKCACHE)
    	have the front-end specified id recorded.
    Submitted by:	Roger Pau Monné
    Sponsored by:	Citrix Systems R&D
  11. Include the calling context in the mail subject, if any.

    jlh authored
    More concretely, periodic security scripts defaults to being
    called from daily ones -- daily context -- so the mail subject
    will now be "${HOST} daily security run output" instead of
    "{HOST} security run output".
    If you switch the period of some security checks to weekly, you
    will receive another email "${HOST} weekly security run output".
  12. Ed Maste

    Add svn:keywords property

    emaste authored
  13. Ed Maste
  14. Ed Maste
  15. uqs

    Fix 'make depend'

    uqs authored
  16. Robert N. M. Watson

    Document SIGLIBRT in signal(3); take a stab at the signal description as

    rwatson authored
    the original committer didn't provide one.
    MFC after:	3 days
  17. Since r254974, periodic scripts' period can be configured

    jlh authored
    independently.  There is no reason to leave their options
    with the daily ones, so move them to their own section.
  18. Since r254974, periodic scripts' period can be configured

    jlh authored
    independently.  There is no reason to leave their options
    with the daily ones, so move them to their own section.
    Move periodic scripts' options into their own section.  Since r254974,
  19. bryanv

    Complete any pending Tx frames before attempting the next transmit

    bryanv authored
    Also complete pending frames in the watchdog function when the
    EVENT_IDX feature was negotiated just in case the completion
    interrupt was postponed.
  20. bryanv

    Fix unintended compiler constant folding

    bryanv authored
    Pointed out by:	dim@
  21. Justin Hibbits
  22. Justin Hibbits

    Refactor PowerPC hwpmc(4) driver into generic and specific. More refa…

    chmeeedalf authored
    will likely be done as more drivers are added, since AIM-compatible processors
    have similar PMC configuration logic.
Commits on Sep 2, 2013
  1. Xin Li

    Create the default router last. This allows using an static

    delphij authored
    interface route for default routes, which seems to be common
    among many dedicated hosting providers.
    Reviewed by:	hrs
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  2. Use uint16_t instead of in_port_t for consistency with the SCTP code.

    tuexen authored
    MFC after: 1 week
  3. Justin Hibbits

    Whitespace cleanup.

    chmeeedalf authored
  4. All changes affect only SCTP-AUTH:

    tuexen authored
    * Remove non working code related to SHA224.
    * Remove support for non-standardised HMAC-IDs using SHA384 and SHA512.
    * Prefer SHA256 over SHA1.
    * Minor cleanup.
    MFC after: 2 weeks
  5. Better conformance to style(9) and organizational cleanup.

    gibbs authored
    No functional changes.
    	Remove extra newlines.
    	Group externs, forward delarations, local types, and pcpu data.
    	Wrap at 80 columns.
    	Use parens in return statements.
    	Tab indent members of array initializers.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  6. Jilles Tjoelker

    sh: Fix race condition with signals and wait or set -T.

    jillest authored
    The change in r238888 was incomplete. It was still possible for a trapped
    signal to arrive before the shell went to sleep (sigsuspend()) because a
    check was missing or because the signal arrived before in_waitcmd was set.
    On SMP, this bug sometimes caused the builtins/wait4.0 test to take 1 second
    to execute; it then might or might not fail. On UP, the test almost always
  7. Ignore if the interface is not IPv6-capable.

    hrs authored
    Spotted by:	rpaulo
  8. Jean-Sébastien Pédron

    sys/mouse.h: Move members introduced in r255153 to end of struct syna…

    dumbbell authored
    I didn't know this structure was public and didn't pay enough attention...
  9. Jean-Sébastien Pédron

    psm: Add support for middle and extended buttons on Synaptics touchpads

    dumbbell authored
    PR:		kern/170834
    Submitted by:	Brandon Gooch <>
    Tested by:	Artyom Mirgorodskiy <>
    MFC after:	1 month
  10. grimreaper

    synaptics and trackpoint support are stable enough to be on by default.

    grimreaper authored
    Eventually both options should be removed.
    Reviewed by:	dumbbell
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