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Commits on May 16, 2010
  1. Add support for ipv6_prefer=AUTO. If there is no external IPv6 interface

    dougb authored
    configured then IPv4 will always be preferred. If there is, then v6 will
    be preferred. The yes/no options will continue to work as before.
    While I'm here, in ifconfig_up():
     1. Only create the v6-related local variables if we're going to use them
     2. In the case of ipv6_autoconfif but no (other) ifconfig line we need
        to set _cfg=0. Currently this is a no-op, but if there were no IPv4
        configuration for the same interface it wouldn't come up otherwise.
Commits on May 15, 2010
  1. A sandbox to work out changes to the IPv6 configuration UI until such

    dougb authored
    time as agreement is reached on how to move forward with it.
  2. - fixes a bug that it didn't initialize the ratectl after association;

    weongyo authored
      so ni_txrate returned 0 which is a invalid result.
    - The fourth argument of ieee80211_ratectl_tx_complete() could be not
    Reported by:	Gustau P?rez <gperez at>
    Tested by:	Gustau P?rez <gperez at>,
    		Ian FREISLICH <ianf at>
    MFC after:	3 days
  3. Whap. Hook up some wires that were forgotten a few months ago and res…

    mjacob authored
    the zombie device timeout code and the loop down time code and the fabric
    hysteresis code.
    MFC after:	1 week
    Sponsored By:	Panasas
  4. Fix a mismerge in r206001.

    marius authored
    PR:		146614
    Approved by:	jfv (implicit)
    MFC afer:	3 days
  5. @jillest

    Change the commented msgs examples in profile/csh.login from -f to -q.

    jillest authored
    Starting something that wants input on login seems strange and can be
    dangerous. In some configurations, causing output can be bad, but it is not
    as dangerous.
    I do not expect this msgs invocation to be uncommented often.
    PR:		conf/96015
    MFC after:	4 days
  6. @bsdphk

    Apply a patch that has been lingering in my inbox for far too long:

    bsdphk authored
    On a soekris Net5501, if you do a watchdog -t 16, followed by a watchdog
    -t 0 to disable the watchdog, and then after some time (16s) re-enable
    the watchdog the box reboots immediatly. This prevents also to stop and
    restart watchdogd(8).
    This is because when you stop the watchdog, the timer is not stoped,
    only the hard reset is disabled. So when the timer has elapsed, the C2
    event of the timer is set.
    But when the hard reset is re-enabled, the event is not cleared and the
    box reboots.
    The attached patch stops and resets the counter when the watchdog is
    disabled and do not disable the hard reset of the timer (if the timer
    has elapsed it's too late).
    Submitted by:	 Patrick Lamaizière
  7. @bsdphk

    Do not attempt to render a logrecord with length byte, until we have

    bsdphk authored
    decompressed all the bytes required.
Commits on May 14, 2010
  1. Small changes preparing for MFC, need to conditionalize

    jfv authored
    the buf_ring_free call, and lem is missing the WOL change
    put into em.
  2. A few minor fixes:

    jfv authored
       - add a moderation value to the Link vector
       - allow disabling HW RSC on the 82599 if LRO
         is not enabled.
       - correct error in the stats code
       - change optic type on the 82598 DA device
    Thanks to Andrew Boyer for the changes.
  3. Yet another potential dereference of a dead provider.

    mjacob authored
    Sponsored by:   Panasas
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. Fix an issue with the dynamic pcpu/vnet data allocators.

    bz authored
    We cannot expect that modspace is the last entry in the linker
    set and thus that modspace + possible extra space up to PAGE_SIZE
    would be contiguous.  For the moment do not support more than
    *_MODMIN space and ignore the extra space (*).
    (*) We know how to get it back but it'll need testing.
    Discussed with:	jeff, rwatson (briefly)
    Reviewed by:	jeff
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    Sponsored by:	CK Software GmbH
    MFC after:	4 days
  5. @delphij

    - Add versioned symbols to liblzma

    delphij authored
     - Use default SHLIB_MAJOR.
    Approved by:	mm
    X-MFC with:	lzma library MFC
  6. Document the led(4) interface to the identification LEDs.

    marius authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  7. - Enable DMA write parity error interrupts on Schizo with a working

    marius authored
    - Revert the Sun Fire V890 WAR of r205254. Instead let schizo_pci_bus()
      only panic in case of fatal errors as the interrupt triggered by the
      error the firmware of these and also Sun Fire 280R with version 7
      Schizo caused may happen as late as using the HBA and not only prior
      to touching the PCI bus (in the former case the actual error still is
      fatal but we clear it before touching the PCI bus).
      While at it count and export non-fatal error interrupts via sysctl(9).
    - Remove unnecessary locking from schizo_ue().
  8. Remove duplicate

    dougb authored
  9. If controller received bad frames make sure to update newly added

    yongari authored
    RFA. Also drop frames that have either CRC error or alignment
    error. Normally bad frames are not received at all. But controllers
    running in promiscuous mode will receive bad frames. 82557 will
    also receive bad frames to receive VLAN oversized frames.
    While I'm here mark RNR condition if driver happen to see RNR in
    RFA status and restart RU to receive frames again. Because driver
    checks all received frames in RX loop, RNR condition could be set
    in the middle of RX processing. Just relying on RNR interrupt was
    not enough.
    This change fixes "Memory modified after free" issue when fxp(4)
    is running as a member of if_bridge(4).
    Tested by:	Larry Baird <lab <> gta dot com>
    MFC after:	5 days
  10. Dont' allow dma map load deferring. fxp(4) is not able to handle

    yongari authored
  11. Make sure to check that the active provider pointer points to somethi…

    mjacob authored
    …ng before
    dereferencing the pointer.
    Sponsored by:   Pansas
    MFC after:	1 week
  12. Controller updates RFA via DMA so driver needs synchronization.

    yongari authored
  13. Document the 'short preamble' capability for 802.11bg.

    bz authored
    Reviewed by:	sam
    MFC after:	4 days
  14. @uqs

    Sync apmd(8) with DragonflyBSD, bringing WARNS to 3

    uqs authored
    Reviewed by:	ed (partial, long time ago)
  15. @uqs

    fsirand(8): make WARNS=3 clean

    uqs authored
    - Drop bogus quad_t cast for di_gen, it is a 32bit type
    - Print di_gen with leading zeros, to get consistent output
      Before this change, amd64 would print:
      ino 18 gen 616ca2bd
      ino 19 gen ffffffff95c2a3ff
      ino 20 gen 25c3a3d5
      ino 21 gen 8dc1472
      ino 22 gen 3797056b
      ino 23 gen 1d47853a
      ino 24 gen ffffffff82d26995
      After the change
      ino 18 gen 616ca2bd
      ino 19 gen 95c2a3ff
      ino 20 gen 25c3a3d5
      ino 21 gen 08dc1472
      ino 22 gen 3797056b
      ino 23 gen 1d47853a
      ino 24 gen 82d26995
    PR:		bin/139994 (sort of)
    Reviewed by:	mckusick
  16. @cbrueffer

    Wording fixes.

    cbrueffer authored
    PR:		143454
    Submitted by:	Warren Block <>
    MFC after:	3 days
  17. @cbrueffer

    List /var/cron/tabs in FILES and add descriptions for the other entries.

    cbrueffer authored
    PR:		145912
    Submitted by:	Julian H. Stacey <>
    Obtained from:	OpenBSD
    MFC after:	1 week
  18. @cbrueffer

    Mention LSI Logic FC949E.

    cbrueffer authored
    PR:		110359
    Submitted by:	Vivek Khera <>
    MFC after:	3 days
  19. Catchup with new prototype for db_printf().

    cognet authored
Commits on May 13, 2010
  1. @mmatuska

    Fix ZIL-related panic on zfs rollback.

    mmatuska authored
    OpenSolaris onnv-revision: 8746:e1d96ca6808c
    Approved by:	pjd, delphij (mentor)
    Obtained from:	OpenSolaris (Bug ID 6796377)
    MCF after:	1 week
  2. @thompsa
  3. @mmatuska

    Import OpenSolaris revision 7837:001de5627df3

    mmatuska authored
    It includes the following changes:
    - parallel reads in traversal code (Bug ID 6333409)
    - faster traversal for zfs send (Bug ID 6418042)
    - traversal code cleanup (Bug ID 6725675)
    - fix for two scrub related bugs (Bug ID 6729696, 6730101)
    - fix assertion in dbuf_verify (Bug ID 6752226)
    - fix panic during zfs send with i/o errors (Bug ID 6577985)
    - replace P2CROSS with P2BOUNDARY (Bug ID 6725680)
    List of OpenSolaris Bug IDs:
    6333409, 6418042, 6757112, 6725668, 6725675, 6725680,
    6725698, 6729696, 6730101, 6752226, 6577985, 6755042
    Approved by:	pjd, delphij (mentor)
    Obtained from:	OpenSolaris (multiple Bug IDs)
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. @kmacy

    do a proper fix

    kmacy authored
    Pointed out by: np@
    MFC after:	3 days
  5. @kmacy

    fix compile error on some builds by doing the equivalent of

    kmacy authored
    an "extern VNET_DEFINE" without "__used"
    MFC after:	3 days
  6. Increase the target buffer for performing NGM_ASCII2BINARY conversion

    zec authored
    from 2000 bytes to 20 Kbytes, which now matches the buffer size used for
    NGM_BINARY2ASCII conversions.
    The aim of this change is to allow for bigger binary structures to be
    managed via netgraph ASCII messages, until we come up with an API
    improvement which would get rid of such arbitrary hardcoded limits.
    MFC after:	3 days
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