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Commits on Mar 31, 2011
  1. @amotin

    Remove unused assignments and variables.

    amotin authored
    Found with:	Clang Static Analyzer
  2. @amotin

    Add check to prevent division by zero if user specified all disks as …

    amotin authored
    in `graid label`.
    Found with:	Clang Static Analyzer
  3. @amotin

    Remove unused assignments and variables.

    amotin authored
    Found with:	Clang Static Analyzer
  4. @amotin

    Remove duplicate assignments.

    amotin authored
    Found with:	Clang Static Analyzer
  5. @amotin

    Remove some unneeded checks.

    amotin authored
    Found with:	Coverity Prevent(tm)
    CID:		9711, 9712, 9713, 9714
  6. @amotin

    Some string constants in metadata are not zero-terminated. Correct sizes

    amotin authored
    when using sizeof() on string constants.
    Found with:	Coverity Prevent(tm)
    CID:		9705, 9706, 9707, 9808, 9809, 9810
  7. @amotin

    Remove useless assignment.

    amotin authored
    Found with:	Coverity Privent(tm)
    CID:		9693
  8. @amotin

    Only disk with metadata could be part of the array. Accidental ID mat…

    amotin authored
    …ch for
    newly inserted disk should not cause NULL dereference. Such disk should be
    always handled as new.
    Found with:	Coverity Prevent(tm)
    CID:		9658
  9. @amotin

    Fix unreachable code. It could cause not replacing more then one fail…

    amotin authored
    …ed disk
    at a time on volumes with Promise metadata.
    Found with:	Coverity Prevent(tm)
    CID:		9656
Commits on Mar 24, 2011
  1. @amotin

    MFbase @r219970.

    amotin authored
  2. @amotin

    MFgraid/head r218212, r218257:

    amotin authored
    Introduce new type of BIO_GETATTR -- GEOM::setstate, used to inform lower
    GEOM about state of it's providers from the point of upper layers.
    Make geom_disk use led(4) subsystem to illuminate states in such fashion:
    FAILED - "1" (on), REBUILD - "f5" (slow blink), RESYNC - "f1" (fast blink),
    ACTIVE - "0" (off).
    LED name should be set for each disk via kern.geom.disk.%s.led sysctl.
    Later disk API could be extended to allow disk driver to report this info
    in custom way via it's own facilities.
  3. @amotin

    MFgraid/head r217014:

    amotin authored
    Make `geom XXX list` and `geom XXX status` outputs more consistent:
    Add -a options to print all geoms, not only ones with providers.
    Add -g option for `status` to report geom's names, not provider's.
    Make `status` by default report provider's status (if present), not geom's.
    Make `status` report consumer's statuses, not only "synchronized" field.
  4. @bsdjhb

    Fix some locking nits with the p_state field of struct proc:

    bsdjhb authored
    - Hold the proc lock while changing the state from PRS_NEW to PRS_NORMAL
      in fork to honor the locking requirements.  While here, expand the scope
      of the PROC_LOCK() on the new process (p2) to avoid some LORs.  Previously
      the code was locking the new child process (p2) after it had locked the
      parent process (p1).  However, when locking two processes, the safe order
      is to lock the child first, then the parent.
    - Fix various places that were checking p_state against PRS_NEW without
      having the process locked to use PROC_LOCK().  Every place was already
      locking the process, just after the PRS_NEW check.
    - Remove or reduce the use of PROC_SLOCK() for places that were checking
      p_state against PRS_NEW.  The PROC_LOCK() alone is sufficient for reading
      the current state.
    - Reorder fill_kinfo_proc() slightly so it only acquires PROC_SLOCK() once.
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. @trasz
  6. Add missing resource limits:

    pluknet authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. Flip back HT/40 and Short-GI (for 40mhz operation). These are now ver…

    adrian authored
    …ified to work.
  8. Fix a WME corner case found by the FreeBSD 802.11n testing crew.

    adrian authored
    The symptom: sometimes 11n (and non-11n) throughput is great.
    Sometimes it isn't. Much teeth gnashing occured, and much kernel
    bisecting happened, until someone figured out it was the order
    of which things were rebooted, not the kernel versions.
    (Which was great news to me, it meant that I hadn't broken if_ath.)
    What we found was that sometimes the WME parameters for the best-effort
    queue had a burst window ("txop") in which the station would be allowed
    to TX as many packets as it could fit inside that particular burst
    window. This improved throughput.
    After initially thinking it was a bug - the WME parameters for the
    best-effort queue -should- have a txop of 0, Bernard and I discovered
    "aggressive mode" in net80211 - where the WME BE queue parameters
    are changed if there's not a lot of high priority traffic going on.
    The WME parameters announced in the association response and beacon
    frames just "change" based on what the current traffic levels are.
    So in fact yes, the STA was acutally supposed to be doing this higher
    throughput stuff as it's just meant to be configuring things based on
    the WME parameters - but it wasn't.
    What was eventually happening was this:
    * at startup, the wme qosinfo count field would be 0;
    * it'd be parsed in ieee80211_parse_wmeparams();
    * and it would be bumped (to say 10);
    * .. and the WME queue parameters would be correctly parsed and set.
    But then, when you restarted the assocation (eg hostap goes away and
    comes back with the same qosinfo count field of 10, or if you
    destroy the sta VIF and re-create it), the WME qosinfo count field -
    which is associated not to the VIF, but to the main interface -
    wouldn't be cleared, so the queue default parameters would be used
    (which include no burst setting for the BE queue) and would remain
    that way until the hostap qosinfo count field changed, or the STA
    was actually rebooted.
    This fix simply cleares the wme capability field (which has the count
    field) to 0, forcing it to be reset by the next received beacon.
    Thanks go to Milu for finding it and helping me track down what was
    going on, and Bernard Schmidt for working through the net80211 and
    WME specific magic.
  9. MFi386: the part of 219452

    nyan authored
      - bunch of variables are turned into uint8_t.
      - the setting and reading of "fmt" in load() is removed.
      - buf in printf() is made static to save space.
  10. Properly print characters larger than 127.

    pjd authored
    Submitted by:	noordsij <>
    Reviewed by:	Eric Schrock <>
    MFC after:	1 month
  11. Discourage from using "cp -r".

    ru authored
  12. @bapt

    Really fix the confusion, sorry for noise

    bapt authored
    Submitted by:	avg
    Approved by:	cognet
  13. @bapt

    Fix confusion between a-characters and d-characters

    bapt authored
    Submitted by:	avg
    Approved by:	cognet
  14. @amotin

    MFgraid/head r218174:

    amotin authored
    Add simple in-kernel API for controlling leds.
  15. @amotin

    MFgraid/head r217827:

    amotin authored
    Change BIO_GETATTR("GEOM::kerneldump") API to make set_dumper() called by
    consumer (geom_dev) instead of provider (geom_disk). This allows any geom
    insert it's code into the dump call chain, implementing more sophisticated
    functionality then just disk partitioning.
  16. Fix typo.

    hselasky authored
    Reported by:	Garrett Cooper
    MFC after:	14 days
    Approved by:	thompsa (mentor)
  17. Fix a completely wrong variable reference.

    adrian authored
  18. t3_free_sge_resources should be given the number of qsets it needs to…

    np authored
    … free.
    MFC after:	1 week
  19. T3C initialization should setup the parity fence too.

    np authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  20. Do not over-allocate MSI interrupts for the case where each ingress

    np authored
    queue has its own interrupt.  If the exact number that we need is not a
    power of 2 and we're using MSI, then switch to interrupt multiplexing.
    While here, replace the magic numbers with something more readable.
    MFC after:	3 days
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
  1. Make the ar2133ForceBias() call controllable at runtime.

    adrian authored
    At least one AR5416 user has reported measurable throughput drops
    with this option. For now, disable it and make it a run-time
    twiddle. It won't take affect until the next radio programming
    trip though (eg channel scan, channel change.)
  2. @delphij

    humanize_number(3) multiply the input number by 100, which could caus…

    delphij authored
    …e an
    integer overflow when the input is very large (for example, 100 Pi would
    become about 10 Ei which exceeded signed int64_t).
    Solve this issue by splitting the division into two parts and avoid the
    PR:		bin/146205
    Reviewed by:	arundel
    MFC after:	1 month
  3. Remove unused DMA map/tag in softc.

    yongari authored
  4. Please welcome the Brazilian calendar in the FreeBSD base.

    edwin authored
    For now, calendar.brazilian points to pt_BR.ISO8859-1
    Submitted by:	Renato Tambellini <>
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. Comply with style(9).

    hselasky authored
    Reported by:	gavin
    MFC after:	14 days
    Approved by:	thompsa (mentor)
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