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Commits on Mar 20, 2013
  1. @mmatuska
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @mmatuska
  2. @mmatuska
  3. @mmatuska

    MFV r247580:

    mmatuska authored
    Merge synctask code restructuring from vendor.
    Modify forward and backward compatibility to support new change.
    Illumos ZFS issues:
      3464 zfs synctask code needs restructuring
    Sponsored by:	Hybrid Logic Ltd.
  4. @mmatuska

    MFC @248493

    mmatuska authored
  5. @mmatuska

    Plug memory leak in dsl_check_snap_cb()

    mmatuska authored
    This was unnoticed because the function is very rarely used.
    MFC after:	3 days
  6. mdoc: remove superfluous paragraph macro.

    joel authored
  7. Separate the locking macros that are used in the packet flow path

    ae authored
    from others. This helps easy switch to use pfil(4) lock.
  8. Fix style and comments.

    ae authored
  9. @glebius

    There are actually two different cases when mlock(2) returns

    glebius authored
    ENOMEM. Clarify this, taking text from SUS.
    Reviewed by:	kib
  10. @cperciva

    Fix typo in previous commit: Exit if */dev/dumpdev* does not exist, n…

    cperciva authored
    …ot if
    */bin/realpath* does not exist...
    Submitted by:	markj
    Pointy hat to:	cperciva
  11. @cperciva

    If dumpdev is AUTO but no dump device has been set -- i.e., there is …

    cperciva authored
    …no swap
    space configured for rc.d/dumpon to designate for dumping -- then exit
    silently rather than with a
    > realpath: /dev/dumpdev: No such file or directory
    error message.
    An argument could be made that we should print a (more informative) warning
    message; but given that under the same conditions the rc.d/dumpon script will
    already print a
    > No suitable dump device was found
    warning, it seems that printing an additional
    > Dump device does not exist.  Savecore not run.
    warning would be superfluous.
  12. @chmeeedalf
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. Don't hesitate to ask parent to setup IRQ finally.

    ray authored
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  2. Add bhyve to examples.

    neel authored
    Requested by: alfred, julian
    Obtained from:	NetApp
  3. Allow simplebus to attach to another simplebus.

    ray authored
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  4. Hide "no default resources for" warning under bootverbose. It's ok to…

    ray authored
    … use
    optional resources.
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  5. Allow simplebus to attach in less strict way, when "simple-bus" liste…

    ray authored
    …d on not
    first position of compatible property, so simplebus driver can be generic
    driver for any bus listed as compatible with "simple-bus".
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  6. @juikim
  7. @juikim

    Add preliminary support for IBM/Lenovo TrackPoint.

    juikim authored
    PR:		kern/147237 (based on the initial patch for 8.x)
    Tested by:	glebius (device detection and suspend/resume)
    MFC after:	1 month
  8. Simplify the assignment of memory to virtual machines by requiring a …

    neel authored
    command line option "-m <memsize in MB>" to specify the memory size.
    Prior to this change the user needed to explicitly specify the amount of
    memory allocated below 4G (-m <lowmem>) and the amount above 4G (-M <highmem>).
    The "-M" option is no longer supported by 'bhyveload' and 'bhyve'.
    The start of the PCI hole is fixed at 3GB and cannot be directly changed
    using command line options. However it is still possible to change this in
    special circumstances via the 'vm_set_lowmem_limit()' API provided by
    Submitted by:	Dinakar Medavaram (initial version)
    Reviewed by:	grehan
    Obtained from:	NetApp
  9. Reduce stack usage.

    pjd authored
  10. @mmatuska
  11. @rysto32

    Correct the definition for Exar XR17V258IV: we must use a config_func…

    rysto32 authored
    to specify the offset into the PCI memory spare at which each serial port
    will find its registers.  This was already done for other Exar PCI serial
    devices; it was accidentally omitted for this specific device.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
    MFC after:	1 week
  12. @bsdjhb

    Tweak some comments.

    bsdjhb authored
  13. @bsdjhb

    Partially revert r195702. Deferring stops is now implemented via a se…

    bsdjhb authored
    …t of
    calls to toggle TDF_SBDRY rather than passing PBDRY to individual sleep
    - Remove the stop_allowed parameters from cursig() and issignal().
      issignal() checks TDF_SBDRY directly.
    - Remove the PBDRY and SLEEPQ_STOP_ON_BDRY flags.
  14. o Switch to use physical addresses in rman for FDT.

    ray authored
    o Remove vtophys used to translate virtual address to physical in case rman carry virtual.
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  15. @dag-erling

    Keep the default AuthorizedKeysFile setting. Although authorized_keys2

    dag-erling authored
    has been deprecated for a while, some people still use it and were
    unpleasantly surprised by this change.
    I may revert this commit at a later date if I can come up with a way
    to give users who still have authorized_keys2 files sufficient advance
    MFC after:	ASAP
  16. @mmatuska

    MFC @248461

    mmatuska authored
  17. @mmatuska

    Move common zfs ioctl compatibility functions (userland) into libzfs_…

    mmatuska authored
    Introduce additional constants for zfs ioctl versions
  18. Add support for the vmsr and vmrs instructions. This supports the system

    andrew authored
    level version of the instructions. When used in userland the hardware only
    allows us to read/write FPSCR.
  19. Some ARM vmov similar to 'vmov.f32 s1, s2' will incorrectly have the …

    andrew authored
    register added to the symbol table by the assembler. On further
    investigation it was found the problem was with the my_get_expression
    function. This is called by parse_big_immediate.
    Fix this by moving the call to parse_big_immediate to the end of the if,
    else if, ..., else block.
  20. Add new USB ID.

    hselasky authored
    PR:		usb/177013
    MFC after:	1 week
  21. @chmeeedalf

    Add FBT for PowerPC DTrace. Also, clean up the DTrace assembly code,

    chmeeedalf authored
    much of which is not necessary for PowerPC.
    The FBT module can likely be factored into 3 separate files: common,
    intel, and powerpc, rather than duplicating most of the code between
    the x86 and PowerPC flavors.
    All DTrace modules for PowerPC will be MFC'd together once Fasttrap is
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