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Commits on May 23, 2013
  1. Add two generic i/o calls to vfs_subr.c that are required

    rmacklem authored
    by the new packrats code.
  2. Update the packrat kernel to a current head.

    rmacklem authored
  3. Update packrats to add some of the code needed for client

    rmacklem authored
    reboot recovery. Also enable read delegations, since they
    are useful for packrat caching.
Commits on May 22, 2013
  1. @EdSchouten

    Don't depend on the touch binary being present.

    EdSchouten authored
    We can simply create an empty file by doing a no-op and redirecting stdout.
  2. Fix nfscl_packrats.c so that it builds on 64bit arches.

    rmacklem authored
    Reported by:
  3. Fix loss of the emulated keyboard on Xen PV HVM domains.

    gibbs authored
        In xenbusb_probe_children(), do not modify the XenBus state of
        devices for which we have no PV driver support. An emulated device
        we do support may share this backend.  Hide the node from XenBus
        This prevents closing the vkbd device, which Qemu's emulated keyboard
        device is using as the source for keyboard events.
        Tested with qemu-xen-traditional, qemu-xen and qemu stubdomains, all
        working as expected.
    Submitted by:	Roger Pau Monne <>
    Reviewed by:	gibbs
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. @DarkHelmet433
  5. @juikim
  6. Correct panic on detach of Xen PV network interfaces.

    gibbs authored
        In netif_free(), properly stop the interface and drain any pending
        timers prior to disconnecting from the backend device.
        Remove all media and detach our interface object from the system
        prior to deleting it.
    PR:		kern/176471
    Submitted by:	Roger Pau Monne <>
    Reviewed by:	gibbs
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. @emaste
  8. Increase the (arbitrary) limit for the number of packets per tick

    luigi authored
    from 1k to 20k The previous value was good 10 years ago, but not
    anymore now.
    More importantly, lots of good surprises:
    polling is incredibly effective under virtualization, and not only
    prevents livelock but also saves most of the VM exit overhead in
    receive mode.
    Using polling, a FreeBSD instance under qemu-kvm remains perfectly
    responsive even when bombed with 10 Mpps over an emulated e1000,
    and happily processes 1.7 Mpps through ipfw.
    Note that some incompatibilities still remain: e.g. polling is not
    (yet) compatible with netmap, and seems to freeze the guest when
    MFC after:	3 days
  9. Acquire read lock on the src object for vm_fault_copy_entry().

    attilio authored
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Reviewed by:	alc
  10. @delphij

    Fix a copy-and-paste typo.

    delphij authored
  11. @delphij
  12. Properly spell sentinel (missed in 250891)

    mckusick authored
    No functional changes.
    Spotted by:  Navdeep Parhar and Alexey Dokuchaev
    MFC after:   2 weeks
  13. @amotin
  14. Implement beacon event debugging in athalq.

    adrian authored
  15. Add missing buffer releases (brelse) after bread calls that return

    mckusick authored
    an error. One could argue that returning a buffer even when it is
    not valid is incorrect, but bread has always returned a buffer
    valid or not.
    Reviewed by: kib
    MFC after:   2 weeks
  16. Add missing 28th element to softdep types name array.

    mckusick authored
    Found by:    Coverity Scan, CID 1007621
    Reviewed by: kib
    MFC after:   2 weeks
  17. Null a pointer after it is freed so that when it is returned

    mckusick authored
    the return value is NULL. Based on the returned flags, the
    return value should never be inspected in the case where NULL
    is returned, but it is good coding practice not to return a
    pointer to freed memory.
    Found by:    Coverity Scan, CID 1006096
    Reviewed by: kib
    MFC after:   2 weeks
  18. Remove a bogus check for a NULL buffer pointer.

    mckusick authored
    Add a KASSERT that it is not NULL.
    Found by:    Coverity Scan, CID 1009114
    Reviewed by: kib
    MFC after:   2 weeks
  19. Properly spell sentinel (not sintenel or sentinal).

    mckusick authored
    No functional changes.
    Spotted by:  kib
    MFC after:   2 weeks
Commits on May 21, 2013
  1. @mjguzik

    passing fd over unix socket: fix a corner case where caller

    mjguzik authored
    wants to pass no descriptors.
    Previously the kernel would leak memory and try to free a potentially
    arbitrary pointer.
    Reviewed by:	pjd
  2. @EdSchouten
  3. @EdSchouten

    Update manpages for r250887.

    EdSchouten authored
    Remove the lists of unneeded header files.
    Requested by:	eadler
  4. @EdSchouten
  5. vm_object locking is not needed there as pages are already wired.

    attilio authored
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Submitted by:	alc
  6. o Relax locking assertions for vm_page_find_least()

    attilio authored
    o Relax locking assertions for pmap_enter_object() and add them also
      to architectures that currently don't have any
    o Introduce VM_OBJECT_LOCK_DOWNGRADE() which is basically a downgrade
      operation on the per-object rwlock
    o Use all the mechanisms above to make vm_map_pmap_enter() to work
      mostl of the times only with readlocks.
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Reviewed by:	alc
  7. @EdSchouten

    Add <uchar.h>.

    EdSchouten authored
    The <uchar.h> header, part of C11, adds a small number of utility
    functions for 16/32-bit "universal" characters, which may or may not be
    UTF-16/32. As our wchar_t is already ISO 10646, simply add light-weight
    wrappers around wcrtomb() and mbrtowc().
    While there, also add (non-yet-standard) _l functions, similar to the
    ones we already have for the other locale-dependent functions.
    Reviewed by:	theraven
  8. @grimreaper

    Avoid signed overflow in error handling code.

    grimreaper authored
    Reviewed by:	cperciva, bjk
  9. @juikim
  10. @juikim
  11. @juikim
  12. @juikim
  13. @juikim
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