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Commits on Sep 2, 2014
Commits on Dec 3, 2012
  1. Change the NFSv4.1 minor version option from "minvers" to

    rmacklem authored
    "minorversion", since that is what Linux uses.
Commits on Oct 21, 2012
  1. Merge in an up to date kernel from head.

    rmacklem authored
Commits on Oct 20, 2012
  1. Update ktr(4) to reflect changes from r239923.

    gjb authored
    Reviewed by:	attilio
  2. Revert r241752. The claim that it's more correct while at the same time

    marcel authored
    causing a build breakage is interesting to say the least.
  3. Grammar fixes to r241781.

    andre authored
    Submitted by:	alc
  4. Set default for ${pkg_info} like ${pkg_version}.

    ume authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. Use correct INDEX on 10-CURRENT.

    ume authored
  6. @avg-I

    boot: use -march=i386 for both i386 and amd64 builds

    avg-I authored
    .. so that consistent compilation algorithms are used for both
    architectures as in practice the binaries are expected to be
    interchangeable (for time being).
    Previously i386 used default setting which were equivalent to
    -march=i486 -mtune=generic.
    The only difference is using smaller but slower "leave" instructions.
    Discussed with:	jhb, dim
    MFC after:	29 days
  7. @grimreaper

    Adds 4K quirks for the some SSD's which all perform better when 4K

    grimreaper authored
    aligned and only except 4K deletes (TRIM).
    PR:		kern/169974
    Submitted by:	Steven Hartland <>
    Tested by:	ak
    Reviewed by:	mav
    Approved by:	cperciva (implicit)
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. @bapt

    pkg_add is no more the default tool, make motd recommand using pkg in…

    bapt authored
    …stall instead of pkg_add
  9. Hide the unfortunate named sysctl kern.ipc.somaxconn from sysctl -a

    andre authored
    output and replace it with a new visible sysctl kern.ipc.acceptqueue
    of the same functionality.  It specifies the maximum length of the
    accept queue on a listen socket.
    The old kern.ipc.somaxconn remains available for reading and writing
    for compatibility reasons so that existing programs, scripts and
    configurations continue to work.  There no plans to ever remove the
    orginal and now hidden kern.ipc.somaxconn.
  10. - Give PIL_PREEMPT the lowest priority just above low/stray interrupts.

    marius authored
      The reason for this is that the SPARC v9 architecture allows nested
      interrupts of higher priority/level than that of the current interrupt
      to occur (and we can't just entirely bypass this model, also, at least
      for tick interrupts, this also wouldn't be wise). However, when a
      preemption interrupt interrupts another interrupt of lower priority,
      f.e. PIL_ITHREAD, and that one in turn is nested by a third interrupt,
      f.e. PIL_TICK, with SCHED_ULE the execution of interrupts higher than
      PIL_PREEMPT may be migrated to another CPU. In particular, tl1_ret(),
      which is responsible for restoring the state of the CPU prior to entry
      to the interrupt based on the (also migrated) trap frame, then is run
      on a CPU which actually didn't receive the interrupt in question,
      causing an inappropriate processor interrupt level to be "restored".
      In turn, this causes interrupts of the first level, i.e. PIL_ITHREAD
      in the above scenario, to be blocked on the target of the migration
      until the correct PIL happens to be restored again on that CPU again.
      Making PIL_PREEMPT the lowest real priority, this effectively prevents
      this scenario from happening, as preemption interrupts no longer can
      interrupt any other interrupt besides stray ones (which is no issue).
      Thanks to attilio@ and especially mav@ for helping me to understand
      this problem at the 201208DevSummit.
    - Give PIL_STOP (which is also used for IPI_STOP_HARD, given that there's
      no real equivalent to NMIs on SPARC v9) the highest possible priority
      just below the hardwired PIL_TICK, so it has a chance to interrupt
      more things.
    MFC after:	1 week
  11. Tidy up somaxconn (accept queue limit) and related functions

    andre authored
    and move it together into one place.
  12. @EdSchouten
  13. @EdSchouten

    More -Wmissing-variable-declarations fixes.

    EdSchouten authored
    In addition to adding missing `static' keywords:
    - bin/dd: Pull in `extern.h' to guarantee consistency with source file.
    - libexec/rpc.rusersd: Move shared globals into an extern.h.
    - libexec/talkd: Move `debug' and `hostname' into extern.h.
    - usr.bin/cksum: Put counters in extern.h, as they are used by ckdist/mtree.
    - usr.bin/m4: Move `end_result' into extern.h.
    - usr.sbin/services_mkdb: Move shared globals into an extern.h.
  14. @EdSchouten

    Remove redundant code.

    EdSchouten authored
    Both mfi_flash.c and mfi_show.c contain very similar functions to print
    a list of firmwares. Move these routines into mfiutil.c.
    Reported by:	jhb
  15. @uqs

    strcmp(3) will suffice here, also follow the style of the remaining f…

    uqs authored
    …ile more closely.
    Prodded by:	ed
  16. @uqs

    Apply local patches to mandoc and connect it to the build.

    uqs authored
    - adds a couple more library strings used in the tree
    - changes some more to the current groff spelling
    - changes page footer to match groff style
  17. @avg-I

    zfs: wait in arc_lowmem only if curproc == pageproc

    avg-I authored
    ... otherwise the current thread might be holding ARC locks and thus run
    into a deadlock.  This happens, for example, when a thread does memory
    allocation in the ARC code and runs into KVA shortage.
    Also, it really makes the most sense to wait in pageproc, so that the
    results of ARC reclamation are seen before the page cache is acted upon.
    In other cases where vm_lowmem is invoked, e.g. on KVA space shortage,
    the callers perform multiple attempts (up to 8) and wait for rather
    long intervals between them (up to 4 seconds), so ARC reclaim results
    should become visible even without explicit waiting on the ARC thread.
    Note that this is not a critical issue for typical ZFS usages where KVA
    space should already be large enough.  On amd64 systems setting KVA size
    to twice the physical memory size is known to mitigate KVA fragmentation
    issues in practice.
    Side note: perhaps vm_lowmem 'how' parameter should be used to
    differentiate between causes of the event.
    Reported by:	Nikolay Denev <>
    MFC after:	19 days
  18. @avg-I

    document acpi_cpu devd notification about _CST change

    avg-I authored
    Based on prodding and a submission by Lars Engels <>.
    MFC after:	5 days
  19. - KTR_ENTRIES may be an arbitrary number, remove the sentence about

    kevlo authored
      power of two.
    - Mention the run time mask is set to block any tracing by default.
    Reviewed by:	jhb
  20. The NFSv4 working group has deprecated the offset and length

    rmacklem authored
    arguments for the NFSv4.1 LayoutCommit operation. As such,
    only one LayoutCommit is required for all layouts for a file.
    This allowed the code to be simplified.
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
  1. Don't lose the 255'th disk behind the initiator.

    jwd authored
    Reviewed by:	ken@
    MFC after:	1 month
  2. Indent ecaps the same way we indent caps.

    imp authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  3. Document the method used to compute expf. Taken from exp, with

    imp authored
    changes to reflect differences in computation between the two.
  4. Document the methods used to compute logf. Taken and edited from the

    imp authored
    double version, with adaptations for the differences between it and
    the float version.
  5. @uqs

    Merge mandoc from vendor into contrib and provide the necessary Makef…

    uqs authored
    …ile glue.
    It's not yet connected to the build.
  6. @delphij

    Integrate changes from LSI vendor driver to FreeBSD.

    delphij authored
    PR:		kern/172833
    Submitted by:	"Charles O'Donnell" <cao bus net>
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. Improve upon the previous commit to fix the yacc rule.

    marcel authored
    1.  Have the resulting C file depend on the resulting H
        file as it should be. Touch the C file to make sure
        the C file is newer than the H file to keep make
    2.  Apply the same fix to the other instance of .ORDER,
        missed in the previous commit.
  8. Fix a bootstrapping problem where the first bmake (built by FreeBSD's

    marcel authored
    make) ended up being built with -DFORCE_MACHINE. This broke the lib32
    built for amd64 & powerpc64.
    This fix is comes with the next import of bmake, but is committed here
    and now to minimize the exposure to the bug.
    Submitted by:	Simon Gerraty <>
  9. @emaste

    Use M_NOWAIT when calling malloc with a lock held.

    emaste authored
    The check for a NULL return was already in place so I assume this was just
    an oversight.
  10. @bsdjhb

    When checking to see if a video output's _ADR matches an entry in the

    bsdjhb authored
    parent adapter's _DOD list, only check the low 16 bits of both _ADR and
    _DOD.  The language in the ACPI spec seems to indicate that the _ADR values
    should exactly match the entries in _DOD.  However, I assume that the
    masking added to _DOD values was added to work around some known busted
    machines (the commit history doesn't indicate either way), and the ACPI
    spec does require that the low 16 bits are unique for all video outputs,
    so only check the low 16 bits should be fine.
    This fixes recognition of video outputs that use the new standardized
    device ID scheme in ACPI 3.0 that set bit 31 such as certain Dell laptops.
    Tested by:	Juergen Lock  nox  jelal kn-bremen de
    MFC after:	3 days
  11. Remove trailing whitespace.

    joel authored
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